Sunday, 6 December 2009

Still here.....just

I am still here......just. Picked up my purchase which I need to photograph tomorrow. Been very busy. Sophie's school Christmas Fair on Friday, a Christmas lunch with the Embroiderers Guild on Saturday, my works Christmas 'do' that evening, Christmas shopping in Plymouth and my new purchase on Sunday. Plus Mock exams and other paperwork! Phew!!
Now, I have to get some beauty sleep for my job interview tomorrow. Boy am I looking forward to a break. More on that tomorrow!
Take care, crafty news will resume tomorrow.


jo said...

Good Luck with the interview!

jo xx

Primrose Corner said...

Good luck with the job interview. It does get really crazy at this time of the year but at least Christmas always provides lots of opportunity for small talk (thinking about the interview here! )

Take care.... not long until the holiday now...

wonderwoman said...

lots and lots of luck with your interview tomorrow!!


Fenland Textile Studio said...


Sending lots of luck for your job interview. Christmas seems to create this chaos but at least two weeks off school (if you are like me though lots of work still to do in the hols)


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