Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Softie Monsters...

As part of the new GCSE course recycling is a major aspect. So this term we have been making a series of small projects to introduce this concept. We needed to dispel the idea that recycling is dirty and rubbish. I think we have now gotten past that as the students were really keen to make these softies using the theme of Monsters. The top picture shows how they came up with the pattern (after having designed it) and then developed it into a 3D shape. This was quite a spontaneous project and the students did not have any prior warning of what they would be making.

They really enjoyed making this latest project and it is one that I shall develop further for next September. As we have gone along this term the students have become so much better using the sewing machine. I often feel sorry for my machines as they are constantly putting up with abuse! So I did point out the improvement ( I know, tempting fate but when praise is due.....) and lots of smiley faces said it all really.

I couldn't help but think of Monsters Inc whilst we were making these. I must confess that I have drawn mine but not yet made it. I shall post it when I do.
The next project is on Thursday, and we shall be recycling part or all of a duvet cover...........can you guess what we will all be making?
(Yes, I have made this one to show the students which is why the monster is still in pieces).
I missed Knitting club tonight as I had to dash off and make an important and costly purchase, all shall be revealed when it is delivered. My TA stood in for me and I left them all talking about making knitted pink pigs!!??
Take care and thank you all for leaving comments, found a couple of new blogs this past week.


clare's craftroom said...

What cute monsters , not scary at all !

West Michigan Quilter said...

Your little monsters are so cute. What a great idea. Did you fill them with batting?

kjdiva99@aol.com said...

So very cute. What a fab idea!

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