Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A change of Luck.....Thank goodness

If you have not read the previous post then you may want to read that first............
Ok? Right after a rather dodgy week where all I touched turned to.............I did not blog for several days, but I did find and email which seemed to stop my run of bad luck. Sarah at Paper and String runs a monthly giveaway and I take part in them every so often.
A bumper red and white theme giveaway was posted and was so generous in the amount and range of the big prize that 297 people entered! Did not think that I stood a chance then everything went pear shaped and the next thing I knew there was an email to take a look at and I had WON!!!!! YIPPEEE!!! I could not believe it (said in Victor Meldrew voice of course). I was a bit stunned considering so many entered and Sarah had used a number generator so it was purely at the mercy of random luck courtesy of the Internet.
So would you like to have a close look at the lovely prize?
Photo by Sarah at Paper and String
In the lovely fabric and felt storage box was just about everything that I like and use. Buttons, cross grain ribbon, velvet ribbon, pompom trim (not used that before), felt, cotton fabric and hours of pure bliss in front of me! Plus a lovely handmade felt mushroom which I might put on my large fabric scissors.

Photo by Paper and String

All packaged up in a very stylish way and it arrived in a box just as it is shown above.Then an additional surprise in a lovely paper bag........................

I had emailed Sarah a couple of days after the announcement and explained why and to help put a smile back on my face she had kindly included the happy Reindeer shown above. Sophie loved it straight away and wanted to put it on the tree.

An absolutely fantastic giveaway win which came at just right time.
Many thanks to Sarah. Do go and take a look at her blog and lovely online shops, I dare you not to spend any money, it will be a tough challenge her items are gorgeous.
A completely different topic tomorrow for you all and again many thanks for visiting.
Take care all and thanks you for your (wise) words concerning the previous post.
Take care


Julie said...

What a lovely giveaway prize. Looks like your luck has turned for the better. I hope you have a really lovely Christmas.

twiggypeasticks said...

Well deserved. Enjoy your prize
Twiggy x

Barbara said...

Fantastic prize and it's just great that you won it! I'm so glad that you got something which brought a smile to your face and some crafting in your future! You go girl and have a very Merry Christmas!

Chocolate Cat said...

So pleased for you, you deserved for something nice to happen! Looking forward to seeing all your creations ....

Gina said...

What a lovely prize. I hope that is a sign of a turnabout in your luck stakes!

Pomona said...

Just catching up with you - I was so sorry that you didn't get the job - it is so disappointing when that happens. Just tell yourself that it is their loss not to choose you - and you might be lucky with the speeding - there is a margin so just because it flashed doesn't mean you necessarily get a ticket.

And to win such a lovely prize must mean that your luck is on the turn! Sarah's stuff is really lovely - I have bought wonderful felt, and other supplies from her - and the kits are great, too.

Hope you have a good Christmas holiday anyway.

Pomona x

clare's craftroom said...

That win was just meant to be , congratulations and I'm glad you're ok .

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Congratulations on your win. I'm really pleased that something nice has happened to you.

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful Happy New Year 2010.

I love your blog! Lots of creative ideas and sharing.

Cindy Carter
Quilt Patterns from Seattle

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