Sunday, 11 October 2009

Crochet Flower Necklace.

Well, the Christmas Stocking swap has gotten off to a good start and we now have 8 from all over the world. I am surprised and astonished just how such a small group can live so far apart, but I suppose the internet has sort of shrunk the world a bit too, hasn't it?. I am looking forward to seeing what we all make. I hope to have made 7 new blogging friends too.

Right, onto newly made items. You may remember the crochet flowers I was training myself to make using coton perle during the summer holidays. Well, I really wanted to make something small using the flower idea. I could only find tutorials etc on making jewellery which were far too difficult for me to follow. So I decided to have a go at making something myself.
So, I made three flowers, two smaller ones and I put the larger one in the centre. My next problem was how to join them together. So I made a length of crochet and attached them to the flowers. Necklace fastenings to the ends of the crochet chain. Once I out it on I could see that it was too light weight and did not sit very well at all. I then added using transparent nylon thread to add some iridescent sequins and beads to the two smaller flowers and a chunky Mother of Pearl button to the centre flower.

This did make the necklace sit much better when worn. I am sorry that i seem to be a bit blotchy in this picture. i intend to wear this to work this week, a little ray of Summer on these dark mornings.

Sophie wanted to help so she is modelling it this time. Here you can see the sequins a little better. I think that I will have another try at this with a thicker coton perle yarn and use more flowers too thereby having smaller gaps between them. However, it is not a bad first try and I think maybe a nice bright red colour for Christmas maybe. Any suggestions on style and shape for the next necklace or know 'easy' tutorials?

I have been reeeeally busy at work this past week or so and seem to have spent very little time at home. I have also been asked to alter two pairs of trousers, I have an Etsy special order half made and a request to make a bag for a pram. I had no commissions during the Summer holidays and now they are coming along like buses, typical!

Only a few weeks to go now until our trip to see Mamma Mia and Sophie is starting to get rather excited about it!

Hope you all have had a good weekend and I would like to say thank you for your lovely comments this week.



Pomona said...

The necklace is very pretty - you are clever to do that teeny tiny crochet!

Pomona x

louise said...

Lovely little flowers. I like those pearly sequins. x

Primrose Corner said...

Pretty necklace. I made a brooch with crochet flowers last year (a few....) and I found that with wear they curled a little even when using thicker cotton. I ended up using a little felt (and a little starch...) as a backing to hold the flowers open. The smaller crocheted flowers I sewed on a ribbon to make a choker were fine... so perhaps it's a size thing. Definately something worth pursuing - they look really delicate. I like things that subtly sparkle in the light.

Chocolate Cat said...

I love this, what a lovely necklace and how much enjoyment you will get wearing it. So sorry I didn't get into your stocking swap but guess with no spare time it's probably just as well, I will enjoy seeing what everyone comes up with!

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