Sunday, 6 September 2009

Sunny Sunday

Well I feel much better today and the sun is shinning. All you can hear are lawn mowers everywhere! Hubby is finishing re-turfing the back garden with turf that looks pretty dead to me but we have been assured that it will be ok and will grow. So for once we would actually like rain to help this. We are never satisfied are either, too wet or too dry.

It was a late night last night for us, we were still getting visits and phone calls up until 10.30pm. I think the only service we have not met in all this is the air ambulance. Things are being put in place and our neighbour will be ok but she is not well which has made everything else, such as falling down happen faster than it may normally have happened. She was right as rain over a week ago. We are popping round to see her later, she has help with her all day today, all last night and tonight then she will be reassessed Monday to look at things more long term.

We did stay up until midnight in case anyone needed to talk to us so I went on Youtube to look at some crochet videos and made up a couple of things. I have not taken pictures yet so I shall later today seeing as the weather is so nice. Had a very fast sale on Folksy as part of my de-stashing and if this week pans out well there will be some supplies for Cross stitch being listed next.
Change of subject, found this whilst on holiday at my sister-in-law's. What do you think it is?

They are made of what looks like very thick felt, they have a series of slits/cuts in them. Sophie was fascinated by them and I think they are very clever.........

I put my wool in this one, it is a very clever 'stringy' looking bag! The slits must have been cut by lasers or something in the factory, Sophie was very impressed with this. So we bought a couple for my Sister-in-law who put some veg in them from the allotment. Hooks may well be put in the kitchen to hang them up on too.

One draw-back is that as soon as you put the bag down it goes flat, so it definitely needs to be hung up.

Even though this one starts off oval when it is flat I was surprised when it turned into an oblong when filled!

So I could not resist buying a couple for our kitchen, they cost £1.80 and £1.99 which I did not think was too bad for something a little different!

Right, I am off to put some washing on and spend some time in the garden.

Bye for now and thank you again for your comments concerning my migraine and our neighbour's well-being, very kind and thoughtful. I would also like to say a big hello to those who have recently become followers. I shall try and catch up with youif I can via the followers link, it does not always work. If you leave a comment here then I can click directly and say hello.



dottycookie said...

My sister gave me one of those bags for my birthday - I think it's fab!

Pomona said...

What clever bags! No wonder you bought them!

Pomona x

JuliaB said...

oh poor you and poor neighbour. I hope all is well now. x

Gina said...

Those bags are great! Glad you're feeling better.

clare's craftroom said...

Nothing nastier than a headache that actually feels worse when you lie down ,glad it has improved . I am happily now following your blog , thanks for visiting mine .

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