Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Card Crazy!!

I decided to make a few cards to top up the box which I have at work for colleagues to buy. Ideal for when you can not get to the shops, a colleague is suddenly taken ill or a thank you card is wanted. I keep them cheap and cheerful and I enjoy it.

The box became quite empty just before the summer and I wanted to make some quite different ones. The top blue one had folded origami paper. The handbag above is fun and is much brighter than the photo suggests. I have some more of these to make.

The camper van is a reproduction of my entry into Jellybelly Jellybeans camper van swap last year. This has been quite a popular card and I have made several over the months.

The baby card is completely handmade and the pram is actually quite tiny. I also make this in blue too. I have started a batch of Christmas cards for work, but also my little spot in my friends tea room has been doing quite well and some more cards are needed for there too.
My Christmas swap is getting there I have had too much going on at home and at work to officially organise it but I want to get it off the ground and sign ups by the end of September.
I have an nerve wracking event happening tomorrow but I shall report back afterwards to give you the outcome!
Just wish me luck.
Take care xx


Ladybelle said...

Your cards are adorable!!! You are oozing with creative talent. I love them all!

JuliaB said...

Lovely Cards Andrea. I particularly like the baby one and you have reminded me that I have to make one when I get home!! x

Anonymous said...

What beautiful cards! I can see why they sell so well. So talented!

wonderwoman said...

your cards are lovely, especially the camper van!!! good luck for tomorrow!!


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