Tuesday, 18 August 2009

House Quilt Block 11...

When I got back from my holiday the next quilt for the Around the World Quilting Bee was waiting for me. My heart sank when I saw that it was a set of different houses. How on earth was I going to do this??
Once I had read the enclosed letter it came about that the owner of the quilt had created a tutorial for making the house block and that if we all wanted to have a go at it that it was there for our use.

The tutorial for this block can be found at SewManyQuilts blog. There is a clear diagram and measurements, plus a layout. I may have written it down wrong but double check how many you need to cut of each section I think one section asks for two pieces to be cut when you in fact need four pieces.

After all the pieces were cut out (this did take me a while but then I did have Sophie with me at my sewing group and she wanted help with what she was doing) it stitched together really easily and it was fun to see it taking shape.

The curtain feature is my own idea which I added to the pattern.

Before I stitched on the grass I machine embroidered some flower stems using green thread.

I then had some shop bought embroidered flowers that you can buy by the metre. So I snipped them apart and added them to the stems with hand stitching.

It was all them sealed into the seam when the grass was added.

There is a lot of scope for this block and I have many ideas whizzing round my head and I have sketched a few done. They will have to stay as sketches for a while as I must get the Christmas blocks done and finish off a gift for a friends baby.

Pop over the SewManyQuilts and take a look.

Thank you so much for the many comments on the London and Calender posts. I had some many hits for the calender post I wonder if it may have anything to do with the title that I gave it?

Bye for now have a great day, my friend and her daughter will be arriving in a minute.



wonderwoman said...

your block is beautiful - am going to have to try hard to match it! never done one like this before - usually i applique!


West Michigan Quilter said...

I love your house and the way you've embellished it with flowers.

Anonymous said...

I love your creativity!

katelnorth said...

nice house - I like your curtains :) I didn't use the pattern to make my house, just did it free form, but it looked like a good pattern.

You'll be pleased to hear the next blocks are much free-er in theme - no houses in sight so far. I hope to work on them today or tomorrow and get them in the post on Monday.

Dionne said...

Oh... I'm so sorry you had such stress over this block. I had hoped that only those who wanted to do house blocks would attempt it and those that didn't would just create their own block.
I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the block you made me though. The curtains are Fabulous and the flowers really are inspired!

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