Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Crochet Along with Me....

Over the past week to try and counter balance what has been going on at work, in the evening I have tried to Crochet a square or two just before I go to bed.

It is surprising how quickly they mount up in numbers and over a period of time I have ended up with 18!! Regular readers will know that I would really like to be able to crochet better and follow patterns. So the only thing I* could think of was to buy a child's kit and stat from there. now I have always been able to do Granny Squares but I was very rusty been years since I had sat down and made any.

Sorry, blogger keeps being silly with this picture. The main plan was to use up all of the wool!! So gradually I did just that and ended up with 18 squares.

I really like the colours and I had fun working out which ones to put with which so as to keep them colours spread out evenly. I have some wool left over for sewing together but into what??

If anyone has any ideas as to what I could do with them, then please comment as I did not really think that far ahead (tut tut). I have some other wool of a similar colour which I could make up into more squares. I would need to buy some gorgeous lime/Teletubbie green thought to with it as I have become quite attached to that colour.

I have found doing crochet very portable too and I have decided to move onto the next bit in the little booklet and try crocheting in lines/rows which is where I get really unstuck. I did make some flowers last summer which I made into corsages ( I think I sent one to SummerSadie with one of her pincushions) and I would like to make some more of those.

I went into Sophie's primary class today and did a little felt project with 10 students. I am going back again Thursday morning to finish them so hopefully lots of pics that night of all their felt bugs!

Have an enjoyable evening and get your thinking caps on- 18 squares!!



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twiggypeasticks said...

Could you make them into a belt?? Very lovely crocheting , well done.
Wish I could crochet I started learning about 18 months ago and fell by the wayside far too soon :(
Twiggy x

maria said...

I tried to learn too. I'll have to have another go soon.
Not very original but what about making them into a little bag. You could join 9 squares together for the front and the back and use a brightly coloured fabric that would show through the holes in the squares as the lining.

Chocolate Cat said...

Another thing I would like to relearn too!!!! Very boring but my suggestion would be a granny rug, nice and warm and cosy!

inkberryblue said...

Gorgeous! You could make a skinny scarf ~ crocheted together with a picot edging perhaps.

Country Bliss said...

Lovely colours, you could make them into a bag and line it with fabric. Love the felt bag that Sophie decorated, she is clever.
Yvonne x

wonderwoman said...

brilliant crochet!!! you could make a cushion or a blanket! i learnt to crochet a few months ago and thanks to a patient teacher am not doing too badly!!


Indigo Blue said...

I like the skinny scarf idea as I do not have one. Not sure what a picot edge is, so I shall look that up.
Any other ideas? The cushion is another possibility too. many thanks for the help so far.

Lesley's Creations said...

'Oooooo', I'd love to crochet along with you but I'm totally useless at it. I just can't get my fingers to keep any form of tension. I have enjoyed looking at your lovely squares though and the skinny scarf sounds great. Hugs xx

Lynn said...

I am way behind in reading the blogs, but I had to tell you that this reminds me of when I learned to crochet. I saw a Granny Square afghan and I fell in love. I taught myself, and I would be willing to bet that I have made a million granny squares in my life so far. Thank you for this happy reminder!

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