Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Pin Wheel - Block 8

Now, I very nearly got myself into a bit of a pickle with this one and it was all because of three bits of paper. Last year or more I took part in a block along with Sew Mama Sew and made up some of their blocks they posted every day for a week/month, I forget which. At the time I made patterns and stitched up the blocks, wrote the names on the paper patterns and put them into my pattern storage. Well, I had more than one piece of paper with Pin Wheel written on it, different shapes and a blank memory. However after much head scratching of course the fabric sample had vanished, and going back through my own blog archive it was sorted out!! Phew!

A close up of the fabric, one of my favourites.

The original block was quite bright and fun with characters on it. I have a cute one with kittens on but the black background meant that it was not really suitable for this quilt.
I confirmed my block layout and measurements by finding this site which you may wish to visit to get some further ideas. I found it very useful and found some other block ideas that I might try out.
My next block is upstairs and will be posted this week.
Thank you for all the comments about my efforts with the crochet scarf, I am tickled pink!


Primrose Corner said...

Love the block. I like the colours you've used. I think I collected those blocks from Sew Mama Sew too!

debra lynn said...

It's a great pinwheel! I'm working on some myself!

JRZ Jenn said...

I can understand why you say that fabric is a favorite! I just adore it it's awesome! Lovely job on the block too.

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