Saturday, 27 June 2009

I'm Back.....from France!!!! 1

We left last Monday morning at 12.30am and arrived at our destination about 20 miles outside of Paris at approx 5pm Monday afternoon! Numb bum, tired eyes and worn, out but the weather was lovely.

I will confess that I did not take loads and loads of photos, I have been before but last time I did not have a blog so I may cheat and use some pics from last time.

After a much needed shower and something to eat the students were taken off by PGL and activities were organised until 9.30pm where we took over and tried to get them to go to sleep!! No easy task at all and I think we got success by about midnight, excitement being the main problem

Day 1

On Tuesday we went to a local french market at Brie-Comte-Robert which is a historic town which gives a real insight into the Middle Age period...

It was a very hot day and sun screen had to be worn. I bought some lovely patterned bias binding, I know it did not take me long to make it a bus man's holiday but they are really nice and will become the edging to some new bags, book covers,fabric storage etc that I have planned. I did not take a picture so I shall to that tomorrow.

The fruit that was for sale was gorgeous and tasted as good as it looked. I bought a couple of peaches to go with my lunch later in the day. It was good quality too.

The cherries were wonderful and cost about 4 euros a punnet which is much better compared to £12.99 that I saw priced in a certain high street supermarket recently!!!

Sat down for a little breather in this cafe by the market. I bought Sophie a cute little dress and leggings from here which I will post when she is wearing it.

There were lots of buildings to look at. This is the main church. We then all piled back onto the coach and moved on to the Chateau le Vaux le Vicomte, which is breathtaking. We had a packed lunch in a nearby forest where there are covered over picnic areas, ideal for 85 students.

It was built in the 17th century and inspired Louis XIV to build Versailles using the same workmen and architect.

Complete with moat.

The Oval salon in the main entrance area.
We had a quick tour inside the chateau which was awkward to take pictures until I fathomed out how to stop the flash going off!

Window shutter detail.

There were various displays of costume which was not there the last tme I visited.

A bit blurred this one, sorry. I missed taking pictures of all the huge tapestries due to technical difficulties but they were very grand and must have taken months of work. The gardens are jaw dropping, just take a look at these pictures....

Lovely shiny jelly moulds in the kitchen, which reminded me of Lanhydrock just up0 the road from me in Bodmin.

Looking down the gardens from the main house.

Looking back towards the Chateau .

This pruning is soooo neat!

This chateau was the inspiration for Versailles which was built between 1661 to 1670. It really is worth a visit if you ever visit this part of France. By the time we finished walking round the garden it was time to start heading back to our own Chateau for dinner. it had been a lovely day and we could not have asked for better weather!

I do have other pictures that I have taken on my last visit, but I will have to check my memory sticks as they do not appear to be in my Picassa account! The lack of sleep is starting to catch up with me so I will be back with day 2 tomorrow.

Take care



Bagladee said...

Great photo's I've just come back from Paris!! How spooky :) Glad you all had a nice time. It was my first time in Paris and I loved it xx

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Glad you had a fun trip. I love the images you've shared. Makes one want to take the "long" trip to visit.

wonderwoman said...

lovely photos - i just love french markets!


JuliaB said...

Fantastic looking trip Andrea ... did you say 85 students???!!!! :0

inkberryblue said...

Wow ~ it looks fabulous...and very exotic from here in the Antipodes! (Sadly, the last time I was in France was twenty years ago.) Thanks so much for sharing this. =]

summersadie said...

How breathtaking! We don't have stuff like that in the US. I really hope to visit Europe someday and see all these things.

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