Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Book Worm..

I have just finished this book. It took me less than two weeks. Now what with everything else going on I am usually too shattered to concentrate on reading in the evening but several early nights and a jolly story line got me to the end faster. Normally a book can take weeks and weeks to be read. My neighbour lent me a Barbara Taylor Bradford book, gosh was it boring!! I have read some of her early ones and even though this was directly linked to fashion , the clothes of the time etc I admit that I had to give up.
I have since started another Rebecca Shaw book which has four books in one. I also like Erica James. What do you like to read? Leave a comment, I might get some ideas from you as what to try next.
Take care


Primrose Corner said...

this must be confession time... I'm readying Inkheart ... 'cos my daughter loved it (and so am I!). I've just finished 'Will' by Christopher Rush - a bit raucous, bawdy as these Elizabethan half fact + some fiction tend to be... I'm about to read The suspicions of Mr Whicher. Plus, I've a few gardening books on the go....

How are you finding your Rebecca Shaw.

Josie said...

my favourite books are Opal & Dr Rose by Elvi Rhodes and Lily My Lovely & Down our Street by Lena Kennedy, all four books are really well written, you can imagine you are there with them living their lives. Also a series of five books by Joan Lingard which was set in Northern Ireland during the troubles, follows the friendship of a Catholic boy and protestant girl and gives you and idea of what life was like during these years.
Josie x

wonderwoman said...

goodness i don't know where to start - i read every night before i go to bed - even if its just a page or two!!! I love Erica James, Katie Fforde, Elizabeth Holden, and sooo many others, too numerous to mention!!! Did i mention thats my other vice - books - besides fabric and yarn!!!


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