Friday, 17 April 2009

Something Old Something New

Yesterday Sophie and her friend played really nicely together and gave me a chance to finish the curtains quicker than I thought I would.
Firstly I would like to show you something old which I moved to take the curtain photo.

Meet this old fella who used to belong to my Uncle when he was small (sadly no longer with us) and then was given to me when I was a baby. My uncle died in his mid-forties and I am going to be forty this coming Christmas so this is one old little bear. I passed him onto Sophie and he is not for playing with due to his grand age but I thought you might like to see him. By today's standards he is made of quite coarse fur, he has movable joints and toy eyes. He does not have any labels so certain age or where he was bought can not be determined. I do not think I ever gave him a name, he was simply Teddy.
His nose is a bit off centre, I think one of our family dogs had a bit of a go at him one day but he was repaired. I bet this little fella could tell some stories if he could talk.

Anyway back to the curtains, I needed this..

100% pure cotton fabric all the way from France. Cost about £5.99 plus 4 metres of 3 inch curtain tape for £1.50.

All very important, especially that mug of tea!

I have had this machine for about 10 years and it is brilliant. i can buy all sorts of attachments for it, a Husquavarna Lily.

Sadly it is no longer made, but parts and attachments for new machines still fit mine. I wish all companies thought ahead like that...

...and hopefully you end up with lovely curtains for about £15.00. I did take more photos but the flash kicked in and they did not come out properly. They are not quite as full when shut as I would have liked because I was recycling the blackout curtain fabric from the last set and that really 'fixed' the size for me. they look really good closed, (honestly) and Sophie is delighted with them. There is some gingham left over so I am going to buy a plain white single duvet cover and decorate it with the gingham. I have managed to make or embellish bed linen for Sophie ever since she was born. The pink quilt I made her last summer will go on top and will still be used for really hot nights instead of the duvet. Sophie has insisted on that bless her.

As for the bed, well, can I have a little moan please?

I rang up on 2nd April to enquire about stock, delivery etc and all was ok. Rang back two days later and it was out of stock. Ok, so when will it get to me?, well they will not be in stock until 14th April and then we can deliver. Well, we were going to be away for a bit so we said ok and I have not been able to find another bed that fits the bill, needs storage underneath etc. Tuesday 14th rang again, they had arrived but were being checked, rang again today still being checked and another delivery van will not be coming to Cornwall until 30th!! For petes sake, Cornwall is attached to the rest of the country, also why was the van situation not mentioned before? Also Sophie's old bed has been taken apart, she is in the attic which is not ideal for her (too complex to explain here) I shall be spending quite a bit here yet there seems to be no speed or urgency to get their hands on my money!! How b****y long does it take to check a bed for scratches or whatever it is. We were told there are 50 of them, but as I pointed out I only want ONE bed. So we are in limbo, so much for getting her room decorated, bed in shelves up etc before school starts! This is going to roll into next week. I would have preferred to have been told what was going to happen because their website, catalogue and my phone call all said a couple of days to be delivered, not a month.

Hay Ho!! But the curtains look great!!??


Julie said...

Curtain making is my pet hate so well done, they look lovely and Grrrr! to deliveries.

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Lovely pink checked curtains.. I also hate to make curtains.. all of that straight sewing.. boreing!!!
Thank you for coming by the blog and posting. Please visit again when you have the time ;)

Anonymous said...

How frustrating about the bed! But the curtains sure are nice.

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