Saturday, 18 April 2009

A sneaky peek...

Twiggy asked if she could see inside the 'Bend the rules' sewing book by Amy Karol, (the cheek! seeing as you asked so nicely..) well as requested here are a few pictures.I had a go at this clutch last night and came up with my own version. I shall post about them later because I want to make one more first.

A little wallet for coins, notes and cards.

Different types of totes and bags with step by step instructions.

I think that this bag would also look good as a mini version.

Straight forward quilts for anyone who has not tried on before. Good for using up all of those lovely scraps that many of us have tucked away.

Items for the kitchen such as tea cosies, coasters, place mats etc.

I will finish my clutch efforts and post those tomorrow. I am in the middle of marking another set of files and I want to finish those first.
So Twiggy.... tempted? Go on treat yourself or maybe someone else will. I do not think that you will be disappointed, it is a book that you will come back to again and again.
All the best to you.
PS. Josie wonders if anyone has bought 'Sewing in no Time' to make projects in a weekend and is it worth buying? Leave a comment if you can help. I would be interested too. Would be nice of we could help each other with this type of question. Twiggy, you may have started something here.


Josie said...

cheeky Twiggy looks a good book, I'm deciding to get one at the moment, called "Sewing In No Time" where you make things in a weekend, has anyone got it or read it and is it worth buying?
Josie x

Kitty said...

Just catching up with your latest posts .. that book looks really interesting - can't wait to see your 'version' of the clutch.

The peeks of Sophie's room are really nice - so frustrating about the bed. I'd be sooo tempted to tell them what they can do with their bed!


saraeden said...

I treated myself to "sewing in no time " its lovely to look at and has lots of great idea's !!

Sara x

picciolo said...

that looks like a great book!
: )

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