Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Seed Sketchbook continued

I have taken some pictures which will be used in the sketchbook and I thought I would show them to you. Feeling very full of cold today so I have not yet done anything with them They are of a dried Allium which grew on my In-laws allotment and has been sitting in their living room since Christmas. I am really pleased with this first one, a lovely day so I just held it up in the air. Not very scientific but it did the trick. Quite pleased with this one.

This is the whole bunch together. Love the colours here.

A single smaller flower.

This picture shows the little black dots of the SEEDS. I have taken a risk and planted a few, well you never know do you? Lovely spiky look to these flowers once the petals have gone.

Spiky, spiky. I can think of lots to do with these images and I have decided that once Sophie is tucked up in bed on Friday evening and hubby is out I shall finish some marking and then have a play with some ideas in my book.

Another shot of this pic simply because I like it so much. Hubby thinks that I should make this into some cards.

Bye for now I need a hot cup of tea and an early(ish) night .



kleinzonnetje said...

Have to agree, the picture is great! We have Alliums in our garden - they send up shoots every year, but we are yet to get a flower :( One day, maybe!

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful photos!

Fabric and Bags said...

Lovely photos and especially the 1st/last one and your hubby is right it would make a very nice card.

Looking forward to seeing your sketches of them.

Anne x

Gina said...

Beautiful photographs!

twiggypeasticks said...

Gorgeous photos, the first one would indeed, make a great card.
Twiggy x

Lesley's Creations said...

'Ooo' what fab photo's. Your sketchbook is going to look wonderful, such beautiful colours. I can't wait to see the mark making outcomes! Exciting! xx

Julie said...

Beautiful photos and lots of design potential. I hope you soon shake off that cold.

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