Friday, 13 March 2009

Winging its way to Australia...

.....not me personally, mores the pity no but one of my favourite funky felt book and cover is!!
Looking at my Etsy shop I think the stock level has gradually dropped since the end of January, so I think this coming week I shall be trying to concentrate on filing it up a little. I have really enjoyed making the egg cosies and I want to include some of these. Do you think that having sets of the cosies would be better and if YES how many in a set? Maybe two or four?
We are a family of three and it is tricky even doing the family shop, we have to buy four of something , ie 2 boxes instead of one, to have enough to go around. What do you think? I have some new ideas that I want to try out. There is never enough time is there?
My main job tonight is to wrap up this little lovely so that I can post it tomorrow on the way back from Sophie's tap lesson. Then Sophie and need to pop round to next door and put my neighbours eye drops in for her, (been doing this since last September) then it is back to our house to watch..
...again and to have a go at making real pop corn straight from the grain. the instructions on the back of the bag seem simple enough, I hope.
Should be fun.
Enjoy the evening and I shall see you tomorrow.


Carol VR said...

If you like Momma Mia you ought to watch HAIRSPRAY. It's a fantastic movie.

wonderwoman said...

your book cover is gorgeous and my fav colour!
i love that movie - i hope the popcorn turns out ok!


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