Saturday, 7 March 2009

Watercolours.....Edited on Sunday

What do you think of these watercolour paintings?
Back later, we are putting some flooring down in the hallway.

Added on 8th March 2009
Well, the hall floor is nearly finished, just a couple of things to do to complete it. Hubby and Sophie have just gone to B&Q to get some beading to go round the edge where the floor is not quite square and there are gaps.
Last Sunday I planted some polyanthus and it has done nothing but rain ever since, so sorry folks I think it is my fault that there rain has been ceaseless this week.
As for the paintings above, well I painted them! Shocked yes? We have various sessions that we could sign up for at school and I wanted to see how this media could be used in the classroom. I already use it for designing but you never know. I had no idea what I would be asked to do and when we were shown the examples I thought the chap leading the session was a bit over optimistic but they turned out better than I thought. I have experience in fashion illustration, but to try and paint a landscape was completely new to me. They actually look better here than in the flesh really but here you can see what they look like before I cropped them to frame better to neaten them up. Surprising how it made such a difference.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. PS. It seems very quiet in Blog land at the moment. Have you noticed it too?


Kitty said...

I think the paintings are fab - well done you! Did Sophie's Mr Tickle win? I've been wondering! x

twiggypeasticks said...

I think they are brilliant, I haven't done any painting since before Twiglet was born.
The second one is my fave, I just love the colours, well done lady!
Twiggy x

Tilly said...

Thanks for your lovely comment - I'm starting to calm down a wee bit now, though I'm sure that won't last long! I love the paintings. Are you going to frame them and hang them? There must be a DIY bug in the air as we are having flooring done too (though ours is carpet).

Dresden Plate said...

Your paintings are lovely, they give such a fresh look to the land/sea scapes.

inkberryblue said...

I think watercolour is a really difficult medium to use ~ well done! I especially like the second painting.
Happy renovating! I'm just about to start pulling up the carpets so that I can get new flooring installed too. It's exciting! =]

Primrose Corner said...

Love your paintings. It's wonderful fun putting paint onto paper. I tried some watercolour for the first time unt he summer and althoug i wouldn't share my efforts I enjoyed it enough to try it again.

I agree with you about blogland seeming a little quiet.... everyone seems a bit subdued.

madmummy said...

What beautiful paintings!
Thank you for your lovely message, I too have been wondering how Mr Tickle stood up to the rest of the school...
xxx Steph

louise said...

I love both your watercolours, they are outstanding. I really do admire people who can draw and paint, I can do neither! x

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