Sunday, 8 February 2009

Recycle a Pillow case.

Now this project has been 'hanging' about for a bit as I actually made it ages ago but then kept forgetting to take pictures of it or other things got in the way of posting about it. The idea came in the first edition of Sew Hip and I did do a little blog about it before, I can't do the link because I can't actually find it on my own blog, Doh!
Anyway I had a giveaway and included a copy of the mag, a pillow case etc. Well I am now finally posting my pillow case effort. I am doing a lot of recycling ideas because the GCSE course is changing in September and one of the modules is specifically about Recycling, Reusing, Reducing, so I may be banging on about this topic for some time to come. Sorry.

So, I bought a bright pink two pack of pillow cases from good old ASDA (Sophie chose the colour) and then proceeded to cut it up. Now you may be wondering why I bought a new pillow case to cut up, well I use all of mine, they are plain and I wanted something that would attract the student's attention.

I did feel it looked too plain, a patterned pillow case would have been better. So I looked at my newly acquired Yo Yo maker and found some clashing fabric and decided to make use of it.

I put an equally clashing button in the centre of each Yo Yo and clustered them in the centre front. Once having done that I happened to look at a summer scarf that I use for when my Hubby's car roof is down, and liked the fact that it comes in a little is what I did. I made a little drawstring bag for it.

It sits nicely in the door pocket of my car. Even though this is not my idea would a tutorial be of interest? You can get back copies of the magazine from their website if you have missed out.

Well, it is work again tomorrow and this week I shall be hoping for no snow because if my flight can not take off from Bristol next Saturday I might just cry and so will a little 6 year old who is desperate to see Cinderella in person!!

Take care and keep warm.



jo said...

I'm sure your students will love that bag cause I know I do.

Kitty said...

That's a coincidence - I was sewing my pillowcase just yesterday! Not quite finished as it's for No.1 and she wants a lining in pale pink. Tsk. She also wants it completely plain, at which I'm trying not to complain, but like you, I feel it would look best with *something* on the side(s).

I'll post it when it's finished. Thank you again for my lovely giveaway prize.


inkberryblue said...

What a great idea...and I love your little draw~string bag. =]

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