Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Our Trip to Disneyland Day 1 and 2

Day 1
On Friday 13th I had a staff training day while Sophie and hubby got the car ready and took Tiger to the cattery for a few days. Once I got home we drove the Bristol and stay in a hotel near the Airport so as to reduce the driving and chaos on the day of flying. On Saturday we got up at 5am for breakfast (too early for me but I will never say no to a cup of tea at any hour!) then off to the airport, parked the car and then got ambushed by a lady with a clipboard and questionnaire of all things. I left hubby with that as it was for too early to think of answers, I am not good in the mornings. Check-in was easy and quick then an hour wait for take off. We arrived at Disneyland Paris at about 9.15am with the time difference and the temperature was 0 degrees! We put our luggage in a secure area got a park map and off we went!
What I was waiting to see was the look on Sophie's face because I knew what was coming. Hubby had not visited before either.

We got to the main entrance and still Sophie made no reaction as such.....
She was impressed with the size of it.
We then walked through into Main street and she saw this...

The pink castle. Now I can not put into words here the reaction we got from Sophie, but the waiting, planning and saving had been worth it. We were bombarded with loads of questions, the first being 'is that castle real' well yes in that it is not a picture but we knew what she meant. I think that at this age if she wants to believe it is real that is fine. It is a bit like Father Christmas, things will change as she gets older. We looked at our map and because I had been before with the school three years ago I suggested that we started with Fantasy Land or the pink zone.
As we made our way down Main Street we heard an announcement and I asked Sophie to stand on the pavement and watch. This came around the bend...

Sophie has always liked roundabouts but she could not believe her eyes when she saw this.

There is a lovely little boat ride called 'It's a small World' which is great for little ones and Sophie has been humming it ever since.
We stayed until about 5pm when we decided to get our bags and head back to the hotel to have a bit of a rest before dinner, what was that? A rest Mummy, no way a quick trip to the swimming pool please it has a slide. Silly Mummy of course we must go swimming first!

Day 2

We decided to get up really early and take advantage of using the park for two hours before it is officially open. So the alarm went off at 6.30am! At this point I was wandering what I was thinking if anything at all! Our breakfast had been pre-booked for 7.15am! Sophie was not very impressed at all but that did not last for long and the joy of being 6 years old is that she bounced back quicker than we did.

We travelled down to the pink castle in this which was fun but very very cold.

Due to the early hour and it being Sunday the park was almost deserted and we were able to go on so many rides by 10am, mainly the ones that would always have a long queue all day. This was the only day that we were mad enough to do this. This is a pretty exhausting 'holiday' but you have to make the most of the time you are there and it is part of the fun. Sophie really loved it. Going swimming again before dinner was our only mistake, she fell asleep and was not happy when we woke her up for dinner. Oh dear!

We had dinner at Cafe Mickey which she did enjoy but one character, who I could not work out which film he was from, surprised her so much she nearly cried. Once Pluto appeared she was happy again, the meal was rather pricey but we had more fun than we have ever had at a meal out!

We were seated right by the entrance where all of the characters came out into the cafe, lucky or what! Tigger was by far the best and the look on Sophie's face was brilliant.

Whether she knew they were people dressed up I am not sure and I am certainly not going to find out and run the risk of ruining it.

Once dinner was over Sophie did not want to go back to the hotel, typical, so we wandered around and ended up back in the park which was nice as now all of the lights were on and we saw this...

The pink castle all lit up you could see it from the main gate. Now I have not seen that before and it certainly was quite impressive, a lovely colour.

More tomorrow as I do not want to completely bore you and it is getting late again.



Gina said...

This took me back many years to when we took our boys when they were small. Such a magical place. "It's a Small World" was always Ben's favourite (until he got big enough for Space Mountain)

April said...

Sounds like you had a great time - I love It's A Small World & went on it 3 times in 1 day in Florida!!!

April xx

Stephanie said...

Looks like the day was perfect. I've been to Tokyo Disneyland and the original Disneyland in California more times than I can count. Not having been for over 12+ years I want to go back.

jo said...

It seems like you all had a magical time, especially Sophie. I remember taking our kids to Florida when they were 4 & 5 and seeing the looks on their faces when they saw Mickey Mouse. It only seems like yesterday but it's 14 years ago now!

Kitty said...

Awwww, I bet Sophie will never forget it. Thanks for sharing it with us. x

Nan said...

You got a lot of really great pictures, sounds like you had an amazing adventure too!!

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