Friday, 20 February 2009

Mug swap has arrived.....

I signed up for a mug swap and when I got back from Disneyland it was sitting in my neighbours house. At first I could not think what it was as I did not remember ordering anything. I had been to my sewing group with Sophie in the evening and did not actually open it until after 9pm. What self control!!

It was packed, and I mean packed with lovely goodies from Maxine @ Tiny White Daisies (who I will be adding to my link list).

I was good and managed to take pictures as I opened it up. However I did manage to take a few pictures as I was unwrapping before I realised that the memory card was not in it AARRGGGHHH! Sorry. Anyway, lets get going, firstly

a lovely handmade card from Maxine. Simple but very effective, especially the left in one of the petals. Then...

a lovely stripey BIG mug. I love mugs of tea rather than cups and this is certainly in my colours. On the edge you may see a bendy spoon! Sophie was fascinated by this and I spent quite a while answering a barrage of questions! I may have to fight her off this quirky little item.

Some lovely lovely tea.

I am not sure that this picture does these lovely buttons justice. The four in the middle are fabric covered buttons but the rest, and this was a surprise, are made of glass! Very unusual and I shall blog about these on Button Floozies asap. Maxine had been looking at my blog and picked up on the fact that I like buttons, as she does as well.

This was then followed by some bright red vintage buttons on their original card,a lovely smelling Cath Kidston candle, shall be lighting that in a minute, and some Amy Butler fabric covered brads which I have never seen before. Very generous!

That is not all... Some lovely blue and red fabric plus some pinky Amy Butler fabric plus some lovely tape with ladybugs and blue apples on it. Very unusual tape, I will have to think very carefully as to what to do with that! Now, school starts next Monday so this next item is going to be sooooo needed....

My hubby and I laughed when we saw this, Maxine seems to have learned much from my blog. Many thanks for this, I am going to take it to school and see what is said at break time!

This final pictures shows items that Maxine made for me. The pink corsage is lovely and Sophie has her eye on that. You know I think this child will have a blog of her own soon! The blue button bracelet is in my colours and is made a little like a charm bracelet. Clever. This will further support my claim to my students about the versatility of buttons. Finally a cute pink painted wooden heart which I have already hung up in our bedroom.

Maxine has put so much time and effort into this parcel that every itemwill be used, eaten or looked at carefully. I have personally emailed Maxine and I hope that I put across just how much I love and appreciate what she has made and sent.

Many thanks.
I have nearly finished my items for my partner, going to you know where put me back a few days. I shall show them to you once I know that my partner has received them.

Enjoy your evening, I am off to watch The Golden Compass on DVD.



jennyflower said...

Wow what a fantastic parcel! I am so pleased you have had such a lovely selection of thoughtful gifts. Enjoy every last square of chocolate and every last button! xx

Kitty said...

OH my ... what a fantastic parcel. This mug swap of Jenny's has been brilliant - you can get LOADS of 'stuff' in a mug! x

Nan said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing all your goodies! Just love that emergency kit!

silverpebble said...

Hello, what utterly gorgeous parcelly magic. A mug may be one of the best things in life (containing a good cuppa of course)and those buttons! Sheesh - stunning! Lucky lady x

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Everything is so lovely!
Love the buttons, corsage, fabric and the chocolate too!
Debbie Moss

P.S - Don`t forget to collect your Award!

Anonymous said...

oh what a lovely package you received! Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

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