Friday, 6 February 2009

Commission Done!!!

I did start this post yesterday but it seems not to have saved, never mind.
On Tuesday I finished my first commission via Etsy which I have really enjoyed doing. it has been posted via airmail and I do hope that it does not take too long the get to America as it is meant to get there for Valentines Day.
It all started with an Etsy Convo and a couple of emails later I was off on my first on-line order. I had created a couple of drawings which I scanned and emailed through to make sure that we were both talking about the same idea...

Design 1

Design 2
The customer liked my Valentine decorations in my Etsy shop and wanted to use that as a starting point. I was given a final length for the arrangement which is going to be hung up, either on a door or on a wall.

Once we had sorted out the colours, size about 60cm long, method of hanging, etc was sorted out and then I set to work.

I really like having specific reason for making something and it did not take long to put it together once I got started.

Final item.

This is a photo of the final outcome. As usual the colours have struggled to show up well as the winter light is not too helpful for taking pictures at the moment.

Felt layers, hand stitching using embroidery threads, seed beading and brads have all gone together to make each of the hearts.

Heart 2

Heart 3
All of the hearts were shades of red, pink, purple and white. They were then stitched a length of lovely ribbon.
It is now winging its way to America and if you are wondering if I am spoiling the surprise the lady has already seen these pictures before I sent the item. So what do you think?
I really enjoyed this experience I hope that I get to do something like this again very soon.
I am back on the knitting trail again with my never, never ending knitted blanket! Remember it? I certainly do. So tonight I am knitting one of the cream pattern squares them I shall pick a ball at random from my wool mountain (which sits next to my book mountain) and just keep going.
Ballet tomorrow then starting to wash and iron for next weekend when we are suppose to be flying to Paris Disneyland from Bristol airport. What do you think are our chances of actually taking off with all of this snow on the 14th February?
Keep warm
see you tomorrow.


Kitty said...

Beautiful work Andrea! They're just lovely.

I checked the Met Office forecast and they are saying 4 degrees by midweek, which should melt all the snow - I hope! We have been snowed in for 48 hours and I'm bored with it now.


Nan said...

Very nice and I'm sure it will be enjoyed. It couldn't possibly take as long as the Christmas Swap, that was a fluke and because of the holidays.

I will be sending warming thoughts your way so the snow will not be an issue for your trip next week! UMMM..... [warm thought vibes] ummmm... there, is it dripping yet from the melting of my hot brain waves?

Chocolate Cat said...

This is gorgeous, sure she will be thrilled with it. Hope you are able to fly with no problems next weekend as I want to hear all about the trip!

wonderwoman said...

lovely! i am sure she will be absolutely thrilled!


Gina said...

The hanging is beautiful - such exquisite stitching!

kathy said...


Tilly said...

Beautiful hearts, I'm sure the recipient will be delighted. I keep thinking of knitting a blanket but I get bored very easily and so tend to go with fairly quick knits instead.

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