Thursday, 22 January 2009

Spread the LOVE.....

Seeing as I have a bit of a Valentine theme to my posts at the moment I thought I would add an award that was very kindly given to me by Kitty the other day. I think it is one of the prettiest that I have seen.

The last award I gave to all my visitors but this time I would like to nominate some. Then please take it or not as you feel.

* Gina @ Fan my Flame for having the Wiggly Bag idea which my students liked making and I may have some further news on that in the next few days.
*Nan@ Nannybird for her unending patience when her swap from me did not turn up! Then her lovely post when it did.
*Julia @ Primrose Corner for her lovely swap and help with my odd questions.
*Lise @ The Chocolate Cat for her lovely posts but her kindness in sending me a Christmas parcel out of the blue partly as a thank you for organising a swap. Lovely.
*Joanna @ Summersadie for writing posts that are so close to what I think it is often spooky. Plus our joint love of Cath Kidston fabric.
*Wonder Woman (Sorry not sure of your name) for her lovely comments and I admire anyone who can knit or make anything from wool.
*Lesley @ Lesleys Creations who has always been very interested in my sketch books and whose work brings back memories of my own City and Guilds/degree work.
*Bliss Country Life as I feel she deserves it after all the Christmas sewing and creating that was achieved, quite unbelievable really!
*Julia@ Marmaladekiss whose swap parcel never arrived despite being promised it would! Yet was very sporting about it. (I am still having a bit of a hissy fit over it I am afraid.)

Links to all of the above are in the margin.

Of course there are many more blogs, website etc and I have added to my list and have yet more to add. Then there are visitors who come by and might not comment, so I do not know who you are, sob, sob, so if you would like this award for the Valentine season and you visit here then please do add it to your blog, a link to this blog would be nice but not compulsory.

I would like to also thank Kitty for an act of kindness which I have only ever found since starting my blog, it was this:

This cute handmade card thanking me for the contents of a giveaway I had that Kitty won. You are very welcome Kitty and I did finish my pillow case bag I just haven't blogged about it yet.

Thank you for the ideas for gaining more time, and not sleep has been thought of but I get away with the least I can as it is. So I will have to settle for as much time as I can to create things. I have finished by cardigan (fanfares and flags please) I just need to do the fastening bit then get my dear hubby to take decent photo of me wearing it. He needs to earn the brownie points because he has just broken my ceramic spoon rest that I had painted at ceramics class and it cost a small fortune! Anyway, enough of that I have something to type up for work then it is time for bed. Tomorrow I see Year 10 and hope to impress them with my scarf bag. Got another posher versions to show you over the weekend too.


Gina said...

Thank you for the award!

JuliaB said...

ooh! thank you! shame about the swap but never mind, i got into Jenny's second wave mug swap so that's cool. xx

Kitty said...

You're welcome to both the award and the card, Andrea. I used to make a lot of those sheep cards - people seemed to like them.

My pillowcase tote has been cut out, not yet sewed though!


Country Bliss said...

Thankyou, it is a pretty one. I'm going to blog it in a minute.
Yvonne x

wonderwoman said...

aaah, thank you for the award - its such fun and very educational reading your posts!
when my dear friend trashy shows me how to finally do the link thing, you'll be on there!


Chocolate Cat said...

Thank you so much for the award! I am not very good at posting or passing these on but I really appreciate it. I am so glad I got you in the cupcake swap last year, its been lovely getting to know you.

Nan said...

I am behind again, feeling a bit non bloggy this week, but thank you so much for thinking of me and passing on this lovely award, I will come back on tomorrow to blog about it, since it was really appreciated and what I needed to umph me into motion to post again! I will post tomorrow! Thanks again!

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