Thursday, 8 January 2009

Creative Swap Challenge: Forest Quilties

In an earlier post (Octoberish) I showed you some bits and bobs for my forest quiltie swaps that are organised by Lenna at Creative Swaps. I have taken part in four challenges and this is the latest.
I tried to pull out some stops with this one. It is a theme that I like (as well as water!) I used different techniques and I did repeat them a little because each square is going to someone separate. Well, late last week I received my four quilties from four other very talented ladies...

Here is a collage of the set and we shall look at each of them individually too. I know need to think how I can best present them as I did with the last set of four I received for the Brown and Blue swap.

This is by Cheri Hins from the USA. There is alot going on with this quiltie and the camera has not really picked it all up. It is very textural and a bit sparkly which will show up well when it is hung up. I also had a lovely email form Cheri as I think she has ended up with one of my squares too.

This quiltie is made by Beverley Teichrob from Canada. Lovely background fabric and the threads and wool used are also very textural. Again, raised texture items too, to give a 3D look. Lovely colour combination too.

This is by Fiona Brockie from Aberdeen! This quiltie has travelled some miles to then get to me! Lovely buttons, which I love and gain more raised textural bits to add interest.

Finally, a quiltie from Sharon Walworth. It is not clear where she comes from. I will have to go and look at Lenna's blog to check. This is a very different style with machine applique on a patchwork background. The whole square must have taken alot of cutting out even before anything was sewn together! Lovely colours again. I really like the quilties that Lenna chose and sent to me. Just like the last swap I am going to present them in a way that does not interfere with the quilties at all. I have two ideas in mind but I need to test them out first. I wanted to post about them before too much time past, they arrived just after the Christmas rush you see. You can see a close up of the pictures by clicking on them

You can see my little 'section' at Creative Swaps here. At the same time have a look at all of the fantastic work on show. there is information about other swaps coming up and easy ways to join in. It is a good source of inspiration to anyone who is studying City and Guilds or other design course. Leena can also be emailed if you have any additional questions, she is a very helpful and lovely lady.

A surprise email from America may hold some exciting news but I am going to be sensible and give more details once I have had a couple of things confirmed.

Well, best pop off and finish some marking then I may have some time to sew/knit before I go to bed.

Take care and keep warm.



Chocolate Cat said...

These are lovely! I look forward to hearing your exciting news!!!

Nan said...

I can't believe you did THAT! Left me hanging on what that news could be! LOL, hope it works our for you, hum... my imagination is running on the wild side, I am figuring you have a very large order or something now! ;) Can't wait to hear.

jo said...

Love the colours in the quiltie from Sharon Walworth. Hurry up back and tell us your news!!!

Primrose Corner said...

Love your quilties and the ones you've received are quite stunning too. What talented partners. I like the colours in Beverley Teichrob's quiltie - but then I love leafy/frondy prints. Can't wait to see what you make with them.

Andrea said...

Hello!! Yes and not only that, I live in Exeter and am originally from Cornwall!! How spooky is that??!! I use Paypal, I found it pretty straight forward really, any probs give me a shout! x

Andrea said...

Hi, I am from Perranwell, just outside of Truro! Let me have your email address and I will send you a rough...and I mean rough!! Guide on how to do it through Paypal!! x P.S my email address is

twiggypeasticks said...

They are lovely.
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

WOW! those are so beautiful!

funkymonkey said...

Hi there. I love your work. I especially like the bag in your previous post. It is a fantastic colour.


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