Friday, 29 February 2008

Quilting- Log cabin and Cards..

Well, I am already spoken for so no proposals for me today but I did have a good day at work. on friday's my department make the effort to get together at break to have tea/coffee and cakes. We take it in turns to buy the cakes so it is always a surprise as to what there is? Some buy. some make. It is so that at least once a week we get a chance to catch up with one another. Sophie has gone out with Dad this evening to try out her new PINK radio controlled car, so a quiet evening in for me.
I have bought a toy sewing machine for Sophie to have a go on from Ebay.. Due to such an extensive needle guard, I have un-threaded it and now I can not thread it back up again. Boy am I in trouble when the little lady gets home!
Anyway, in the meantime a quickish post.

I am chuffed that my log cabin block for Sew Mama Sew is featured in the highlights again. It is in blues and I have already started a pink and flowery version for Sophie's summer quilt.

I have also been busy making cards this week. One for my friend Fiona whose birthday is on Sunday. I tried some new colour combinations and a "gate" style card opening.
She is not too well at the moment so hopefully her present will make her smile when she opens it.
I was also commissioned to make a few Mother's day cards by Dad's so that their children could give them to Mum, that was a fun task to do..
The card below was for a work colleague who has bought several of my cards over the months. I did not make many for work as I pushed the boat out for Valentines on request then only one was actually bought. I am going to do them to order only from now on and see what happens.
Tomorrow is a busy day with visits to banks/postoffice/supermarket etc then on Sunday it is out to lunch with my in-laws for Mother's Day. Sophie has brought a mysterious package home and I was not alowed to look in her book bag as she ran upstairs to hide my surprise for Sunday. At 5 years old this is really the first year that she has taken control of this annual event and I have to say that I am really looking forward to seeing what SHE wants to organise and give, does that sound really soppy?
I received in the post my next installment of knitting and at long last I have been given the layout plan for starting to sew them together! So hopefully I will have some done soon.
Have agood weekend!

Monday, 25 February 2008

All Knitted Up..

This is a knitted bag which I found in a magazine. I actually managed to follow the pattern, stitch it together and finish it off without any major problems. I swapped the felted beads for handmade pompoms as I am determind to reduce my stash. The chain is left over from a necklace kit that definately looked better in the picture than it did on me!! I have not yet lined it and I did say last week that I would post it. The light as usual has not been kind so photos have been poor. Anyway, there was one surprise that had me laughing so much I nearly had to run for the bathroom is this.....

Now, I knew that something was afoot when I only cast on 16 stitches but thought, well I haven't actually finished it yet. To give you an idea of size the egg cup is a standard size! It is made of four panels, two moss stitch and two cable so it did grow a bit. Anyway, my husband thinks it is really cute if a bit small ( and yes he was laughing!) I now feel ready to try something bigger, well actually the pink and green bag was bigger anyway but you now what I mean. I also made it for £1.65! Bargin.

It is also 100% wool so I have knitted a little square to see if I can felt it and then come up with another basic bag to felt and embellish.

On friday the final block on Sew Mama Sew was revealed and on saturday I came up with this.

Pin wheel block. There are numerous variations on this and the above sampler was surprosingly easy to do. I have used the colour scheme that I will be using for Sophie's quilt. I want to try some of the others as well but this week I have alot of work for the day job so I will have to see as well as the website to upload more items on.
Busy making a card commission for Mother's Day which I shall finish before I go to bed. it was very nice to be asked to do that. I hope that I get asked more often as it is great to make something for someone else and now that it will have a new happy owner.
Bye for now. paperwork awaits.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Half-term Haul

Every half-term etc I always say that I am going to make this or that and then at the end I seem to have very little to show for it. So this time I decided to put everything I made or finished into one photo and Yes! I have managed more than I thought! I even went into work on one day and to collect some resources for work on another. Not bad.

Below is an idea that I am toying with for sometime and this is the beginning...

Some lovely silk covered glasses cases...and transform them to this...

A niffty little travel sewing kit in a tough case! This idea came about due to Airport luggage restrictions on sharp items. They can not be taken on board but will be protected in your cases until you reach your destination. I want to add other items such as thread and them offer this on my new website. The fabric needs to be in keeping with the outer case fabric, but then that is the next step as will the choice of having an empty case or with the needle case, pincushion and scissor case included. I am trying to find a supplier for the equipment as well but I want to keep the price down, so that may take some time.
I enjoyed the challenge of making these small enough to fit in the case but still be useful.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Website Up-date

I have little to report tonight except that I have decided to work on my website and make it accessible for people to look at until the weekend then put it 'under construction'.
take a look at the lovely and unusual computer mouse! Very tactile and lovely colour.

Google images
I am concerned that it has not progressed as quickly as I would have liked due to health probs which are now sorted out. If you have any thoughts, ideas etc I would love to hear them.

I do have this niffty felt purse that I made a couple of years ago and has been wrapped up carefully. I did make loads of these at one point, maybe it is time to revive it.
I use my crochet hook case so much that I am certainly going to make more and extend it for knitting needles.

I have nearly finished my knitted bag, just the handle to attach.
Enjoy the rest of the evening.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Shoo Fly Block on Sew Mama Sew

February has been a rollercoaster of a month for me craft wise (sorry, I am going to blow my own trumpet for a bit as I have hurt my back and need this to feel better)..
I have never really considered myself as being much good at quilting, I dabble, so I am thrilled that my second sample Shoo Fly is on Sew Mama Sew week 2 highlights.
Again there are other excellent block samples and more fantastic completed quilts to drool over. You can also visit their Quilt Photo Pool on flickr to view even more wonderful quilts, patterns and a use of colour that will blow you away!

I have noticed that my hit counter has jumped up again over the weekend so come on, don't be shy leave a comment and tell me who you are as I could pop over and visit. That is how I 'met' Nannybird Crafts. I am now a regular visitor there and I have learnt a lot from her blog and advice plus the chance to take part in a recycling challenge which was good fun. Go on then give it a go......

image from

Sunday, 17 February 2008

Quilting Week 3 Log Cabin Block

Week 3 of the Sew Mama Sew block-along has come round quickly and this week it is the log cabin block. This one I have tried before and I really enjoy seeing it build up. It is ideal for using scraps of fabric of different sizes and I do admit to putting a few seams here and there to join smaller bits of the same fabric together.
This is one of my attempts...
As you now I am going to try and make Sophie a lightweight quilt for the summer by using the block-along ideas and repeating them in white and flowery pinks. So I am going to do another version of this for her.
There are loads of fantasic full size quilts featured on Sew Mama Sew particularly the one by Cassie at Cassieblanca whose blue log Cabin quilt is truely astonishing! Do take a look in wonder and amazment. Sew Mama Sew
This pincushion is also made using the Log cabin method then I free machined over it with gold thread before I changed the shape using embroidery threads.
There is really good site for Quilt blocks with simple colour diagrams and instructions.

Going back to last weeks list of things to do I managed 3 out of 6. The marmalde will have to wait a little longer but the website did get added to. It would be helpful if I could preview what I am doing a little more easily but there you go and it takes ages to do anything.
The knitting is progressing and 5 more squares have been completed this week a total of 10 over the past week and a bit. I want a break from this so I bought 2 balls of wool to have a go at a small bag featured in a magazine which claims can be made by a beginner. We shall see!
I would like to thank Nannybird and Paper and String for helping me to finally understand how to put neater links in my posts. Easy peasy when the penny drops!
Have some work to do for the day job and a bad back to nurse better so bye for now.

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentines Day..
Today Sophie is off out with Grandma and Grandad so I am going to do;
*Washing- I know, not very exciting but neccessary.
*Tinkering with my blog a little more.
*Website update or should I say 'try and remember where I got up to all those weeks ago'.
*Plenty of photographing to spread posts out into next week.
*Make a batch of Marmalade.
*Visit the scrapstore for work.
Any bets as to how far I will actually get with this list?
My new friend Ele will keep me company. She is much pinker in the flesh.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Trying a New Look

I am trying out a new layout because I have never liked the green background that I came with the blogger template that I started off with as it did not really go with the title Indigo Blue. I still need to do something with my header as it is still too big, smaller that it was mind you! Tell me what you think as I have been building up to doing this as I was too worried that I might accidently delete the whole lot!

I am featured on Sew Mama Sew

You can imagine my surprise when I saw that my pink tote bag made using the 9-block featured on week 1 of the block-along was featured in their '9 block-along highlights' to show what people had done with this type of block. There are other items such as a lovely quilted cushion, bag and change mat plus several very complicated quilts. Do take a look.
Quilt Block-along Week 2:
I have also just completed the next block called Shoo Fly wich made me think of the little song 'Shoo Fly don't bother me..' This time I only had to make it the once so a lot less stressful. I have some off-cuts so I am thinking what to do with them. I could do with another needlecase.

The outer edges need recutting a little but it is not too bad for my first attempt at this block. I intend to do all of the blocks featured them repeat them and make Sophie a lightwieght quilt for the summer rather then using her duvet cover. Girly pinks and white will be the colour scheme.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Art Award!!

Nan at Nannybird crafts has very kindly passed this Art Award onto me. I have been visiting Nan's blog regularly since entering her 100th post recycling challenge. Her posts are varied, original and often very funny, the latest is about de-cluttering the house!
Nannybird Crafts

I now need to pass this award onto 5 other blogs that I enjoy visiting and inspire me. Now I am fairly new to blogging and I hope that the small range that I visit regularly will like recieving this Art Award.

The Award originally came fromArte Y Pico's Blog at,

It was passed onto Nan via Fazendo Arte from America who speaks Portuguese but her blog can be translated into broken english.
(I still can't put links properly into posts here so sorry that the whole blog address is showing. I have been trying and I will get there in the end.)
The Award rules are:
* Post the award on your own blog.(Post who gave it to you)
*Indicate its original link and link to that site. (Arte Y Pico from Uruguay)
*Give the ward to 5 other blogs that you enjoy, find creative and inspire you.

So I would like to give the award to:
Picciolo: For reguarly visiting my blog, leaving nice comments and creating such clever and stylish designs.

Inkberry Blue: For showing such a wide variety of crafts on her blog and being a pretty skilled at crocheting and a good sense of humour.

Joanna: For her fun blogs and lovely bag making, do take a look at her blog and website.

Paper and String: Who has a very individual style and the faces that she creates are so cute using felt and brads amongst other things.

And finally Cindy at My recycled bags: For her very clever use of plastic bags, amongst other things, to create lovely bags and other useful items. Plus the range of tutorials that she posts.

Crikey, well I think I have got all the info correct.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Chocolate Crispies Update..

We made loads!! Even the lady next door has been given some. Hope they last long enough for Kirsty and Bella's visit on Wednesday!

Half-term Happiness & knitted Bears.

Sophie and I started our half-term with a much needed lie in this morning. Then the lovely sun woke us up hopefully the good weather will be with us all week. We typically have a busy week ahead of us but i shall also have at least a day to myself as Sophie is off out to a holiday club day at her old nursery with other friends from school. on that day I aim to take photos for posts and have a good go at my poor website which got abandon before Christmas due to ill health. Plus some sewing. Sophie is coming to a small sewing group that I try to attend each Wednesday evening. She can only come during holidays due to normally getting up for school. My camera ran out of charge the other day but I have now managed to catch up and can show you some finished items.

Lets start off with the charity knitted bear. Now I followed the pattern which was straight forward, and it needs to be for me! It started off like this..

Then progressed to this..

The bear was stitched inside out with matching wool, then turned the right way round.

The bear was stuffed with toy stuffing and I had the opening on top of his head so that I could stitch and define the ears more than the original pattern. I added the features and tied a strip of purple ribbon around his neck. This is very quick and the patterns works, they are very basic as they are intended to be sold to raise money for the building of schools in Africa. The bears should cost a £1 and this will buy four bricks towards the school. I will post the link to the charity in my side bar. I am going to try and involve my students as several can knit and perhaps some work colleages. The bears do not have to be sold by you, they can be sent to the organisation and they will do that for you. Ideal for oddments of wool and for making in front of the TV. I made mine in plain cream as that was all I had but the website shows bears of all colours, strippy and plain.

My Bag swap has arrived in America and can be seen on this blog it feels wierd that my bag is now in America and will be winging its way off to someone else. I will show you the swap bag when it arrives later this month.
I am going to spread out my posts this week so more on the quilting next time.
Sophie and I are off to make some chocolate crispies, yum yum!!

Friday, 8 February 2008

Bag Swap Entry & Quilting Week 1.

I have just recieved an email to say that my Bag Swap Entry has arrived in America. I have been waiting for it to reach Lenna before I posted it here in case there was a problem or it did not arrive in time.
So here it is...
It has been made out of a cashmere and wool mix fabric which I had left over from my final degree project. (I was sponsored by the high street chain Wallis and this involved using their lovely fabric and I have some left over. I have been asked about the final project itself so I shall try and scan any pictures I can find and post them over the weekend). It is self-lined with a type of machined blanket stitch around the edge to hold it all together. On the front I have free-machined a type of random flower shape with a range of silk machine threads. Each of the centres is then highlighted with an orangey/terrocata clay bead. To go with it I made a small zippered coin purse which has a front pocket big enough to get a bank card/library card in it. There is then a loop which has a split ring and clip attached to it. The purse can then go in here...
I wonder who will end up with my bag. I did put a MOO card and a 50p in the purse for good luck and I hope that they may visit my blog and let me know what they think of the bag. So that was good news.
So it is a quiet night in for Mummy as Sophie is going model car racing with Daddy tonight, so I shall be tackling the next block as part of Quilting February with Sew Mama Sew. Bet you would like to see if I managed to shake off my 9 Block jinx yet?

WEEK 1 : 9 Block
YES! YES! I have and here is it at last!

The photo might be dull but at least the block is not scorched! I have made this type of block so many times yet this one really fought back. The item below went right first time when I made it...
One of my favourites.
Have a relaxing evening.
I'm off try try out block 2.

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Another project started

This is a new project..

I have started to cut it out and parts have been stitched already. Can you guess what it is yet?

My 9 block quilt square jinx is still going. I took my freshly stitched square to work to photograph, switched on the camera and... run out of battery Arrgghh! So I brought it all the way home AGAIN re-ironed it , AGAIN, and yet another mark appeared even though I cleaned it off after the last mis-hap. I am telling you that iron's days are numbered!!
So I have re-stitched one of white squares AGAIN and will try one more time to take a picture.
How can something so simple cause so much stress. Also there are other photos to show as well including the knitted bear. I can give you a sneaky half made preview.. ready?

Mmmm... I shall leave you to ponder this one.
Tomorrow I shall hopefully have pictures!
In the words of Arnie "I'll be back!"

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Branch News

I submitted pictures of the bag that I made for the October 2007 Amy Butler Competition on U-handbag blog to my Embroiderers' Guild branch news and guess what?...
In was on the front page of the January 2008 issue!
Not only that but various pictures appeared throughout the edition.
I did not realise how the news letter would look so it was a nice surprise when my copy landed on my door mat.

I had hoped to post my first quilt block as part of the Quilting February with Sew Mama Sew. It stitched well and everything matched up then the iron decided to leave its mark! I photographed the sample at work but when I downloaded the pic it looks AWFUL! It will have to be stitched again and another picture taken.
So it is only a quick post today as I want to sort out the block problem and hopefully finish the tiny knitted charity bear.
Enjoy the evening.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Knitting and felty cat.

Just a quick post before I go and do some ironing and dusting.
I have been trying to catch up on my knitted squares the past few days..
I have finished two more since taking this photo. Some are not the same size and I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is not going to give me too many problems when it comes to sewing it all together!
I have just found in one of my magazines a charity organisation who wasnts tiny knitted bears to sell so that money can be raised to build schools in Africa. I shall have a go at the pattern (if I can do it then anyone can!) and get back to you with the website link, pattern and a photo.
I have finished this cute little chap last week. The idea came from a magazine which I altered and used whatever felt I had that looked a little like a cat.
He was meant to go on a card, but now I am not so sure that he will....

Friday, 1 February 2008

Funky Felt

It is friday and even though I have not actually finished anything this week I do have several things on the go. As with so many blogs that I am reading at the moment taking decent photos at the moment is a problem, so over the weekend I shall pick a good part of the day (hopefully) and give a proper up-date.
I did find the following crochet needle case that I made at least 5 years ago which started off the felt thing.
Front view with flap and popper fastening.
Back view which I did try to mirror the front design. really enjoyed doing this so why I stopped there I am not sure but the arrival of Sophie may have had something to do with it.
However, last summer this took shape...
Which was only meant to be a little sample to try out an idea, but I enjoyed it so much that I filled a piece of purple felt and used it to cover a cardboard tube to keep my knitting needles in.
Next felt project? Things for Easter I think and yes I have seen Easter Eggs in the shops! Have not even got Valetines Day here yet and the choccy eggs are upon us.
I have some ideas that I did last year and some new ones which I hope to get made in time.
Well I hope you all have an excellent weekend and many many thanks for the kind comments this week. I have tried to reply to some via the email route but they have been bounced back. Nice to hear from Inkberry in Australia where I believe the weather is HOT! HOT! HOT! Whereas here it is WET! WET WET! (Now where have I heard that before?)
I have an evening of bedtime story, DVD, Chocolate (just a bit), knitting and packaging up my bag swap ahead of me with the fire on.
Take care
Bye for now.
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