Thursday, 18 December 2008

Christmas Swap Delight.. Thankyou Julia

I was lucky enough to swap with Julia at Primrose Corner due to another swapper withdrawing due to family issues, and the lovely parcel arrived at the weekend.
Lots of very interesting packages.
The first one that I opened was this lovely star!!

It is made from sparkly felt with lots of beading, sequins and embroidery stitches. It is a lovely colour. The hanging loop ribbon reminded me of something and then I remembered that is is the same as that which Julia put in the fabric giveaway that I was lucky to win. It is really nice ribbon and goes very well with this decoration.
The next parcel had this hidden inside....

Again with a blue theme this lovely pomander with loads of fabric Yo Yo's and beads must have taken ages to make. The colours are lovely and I am sure that I can detect some scrummy Amy Butler fabric in there. This is an absolutely gorgeous idea. Both of these decorations are in my kitchen diner where I have bluey themed stitched textiles from my City and Guilds Course and look just right with them.. My husband was very impressed and has said everyday since they arrived how nice they are. I was amazed that there was a third decoration, but Julia said that she wanted to send something in my colours as the blue theme had been for the previous swap partner. I would have been very pleased with just the blue ones as blue is one of my favourite colours so it was very generous of Julia to sit and make yet another....

This cute little tree is made out of fabric and has buttons on the back and embroidery and buttons on the front. It is hanging on my tree like I have had it for years, and I will have it for years to come as well.

Thinking how lovely they all were I then discovered a candle in a gold glass too...

Then a lovely fabric cone with chocolate coins in.....

and even Tiger, the cat, was not left out, look at this huge pompom. We have re-wrapped this so that he can have something to open on the 25th!

These items along with Nan's great swap will be treasured and I am astounded at the time and effort that craft bloggers go to for people that they have never meet but have a common interest and love of the same thing ... Crafts and Making. As each day goes by I am more and more thankful that I started a blog. I have 'met some lovely people, learnt new skills and crafts, been inspired with new ideas and improved my use of the Internet and digital camera. Wish I had started one much sooner.

Many many thanks Julia, it was such fun to open and you have put in so much time. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas and a Happy and safe New Year!
Take care all.


JuliaB said...

Ooooh! You LUCKY DEVIL!! They are all gorgeous!!!! xx

Country Bliss said...

Great swap, lovely colours.
I heard from Monique today to say that she's received my swap, at last, so I'll post pics on the flickr pool soon.
Yvonne x

April said...

oh how lovely, especially like the tree

April xx

Nan said...

I am so glad you received the extra special package, your efforts for creating the swap are much appreciated!

It's been so fun to see all the pictures being added to the flickr page. I have a desire to attempt other crafts that I have not tried before when I look at the different materials and techniques used. It's been very inspiring.

Alas, still no package to report. That empty spot I reserved on my tree for my swap is reminding me every day how much we depend on our postal service to deliver promptly and when it doesn't we could get angry, but I am trying to stay positive and forgiving in the tardy delivery, and remind myself how over burdened these employees must be.

Oh, going to go and see what new pictures have been uploaded now! Get even more inspiration!

SummerSadie said...

Such lovely gifts.

Primrose Corner said...

I'm glad you liked it Andrea. That's what makes the sewing worthwhile 'cos you know that it will be appreciated.

This swap must have taken you a lot of organising but the Flickr group is coming together now and I had a nice look at things there yesterday. Everyone has made such beautiful decorations.

Thank you.

Chocolate Cat said...

What a wonderful parcel! I am glad you started blogging too, it has been lovely getting to know you.

Wild Rose said...

What a gorgeous parcel of delights!

Merry Christmas,

Marie x

Kitty said...

That was a really lovely parcel from Julia. I too received a lovely parcel from Julia this week - will blog it soon.

I'm with you on the crafty bloggers thing - fabulous folks!


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