Saturday, 8 November 2008

Little knitted hats....Charity Knit.

You may remember that I wrote about this during half-term for Innocent smoothies....

Well it has finished for this year and I emailed them to see if they are going to plan anything similar for next year. They very kindly emailed back to say that they most likely will be bringing back the little knitted hats, and will be able to confirm either way after Christmas. I had some left over wool and there was not enough to really use for my sponsored knit, so I decided to have a go at a few. The patterns are really easy quick and fun to make. I have a pompom maker and left just enough wool to make up the smallest pompom. I added a small button to jazz it up a little. I really hope that they do have this knit next year and they advised me to hang onto these little fellas just in case and send them next time.

What do you think to them?

I had some feather yarn left over and thought that I would see how they turned out. They were much bigger and would make great egg cosies. The yarn came out quite well using the pompom maker too although it is fiddley to make due to the yarn slipping a lot when cut into the pompom. These were fun to make and I do not know how I missed this but I have given them my email address and they said that they would let me know in January 2009 whether these little fellas will be needed again. Did anyone else take part in this and send them off?

Have a go any way with the patterns (there are three featured) as they would make great stocking fillers a egg cosies!

Bye for now, I am off to start my Cupcake making.

If you are a folllower, have you taken the award that I have passed on to you in the last post?

Take care and have a brilliant weekend.

P.S Feeling better today.

Added later on the 8th:

A litte time to myself as Sophie and her Dad went to a friends 6th partyI was able to make 30 perfectly flat, risen and unburnt cupcakes!!!(Loud applause!) You now what it is like, you HAVE to get them right and time is limited and the pressure is on and at times like this sod's law will prevail and ruin it all. Not this time, I am delighted and relieved. Will decorate them tomorrow morning.


Added on 9th November:

I have been asked by a friend over the pond what an egg cosy is. So here it is, an egg cosy is a bit like a teapot cosie whereby once you have boiled your egg and it is sitting in the egg cup you can put a little cosy on it to help keep the egg piping hot! Removing it when you are ready to take the top off your egg to eat it.


LOUISE said...

You're going to have a lot of fun making those little hats. I can't knit! x

Chocolate Cat said...

What cute little knitted hats!! Glad you are feeling a little better. How did the Cupcake making go??

inkberryblue said...

They are soooooo sweet!
I hope Sophie's birthday and the cupcake making has been lots of fun.
...and thanks for the award! =]

twiggypeasticks said...

They are great, love the fluffy ones!
Twiggy x

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's because I've from the wrong side of the lake, but what do you use an egg cozy for? I hear about it alot from yall in the UK, but have never seen or heard about one here.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Those little hats are the cutest thing!! I hope the company runs the promotion again.

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

Hi! Just saw a picture of the cupcakes on the side of your blog, they are so pretty and well decorated.

The hats looks cute. I made some this year, and will continue to make some for next year's Big Knit.

picciolo said...

I'm glad your cakes turned out ok, you'll have to show us all the finished decorated ones. Hope Sophie had a great birthday
: )

jo said...

The red ones with the buttons on are my favourites.

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