Monday, 17 November 2008

Giveaway Win, tagged: Primrose Corner Blog

Have you ever had several things all happen at the same time that link together? Well first of all I was tagged by Julia at Primrose Corner . Then a few days later I took part in a giveaway that Julia was organising and a few days after that I discovered that I HAD WON!!!! Yippeee, I do not win things very often but these fabrics are scrummy. Julia is also taking part in my Christmas Decoration Swap and we visit each other's blog's daily. So I decided to borrow ( pinch) her logo, link to her blog and ask you all to pop over and have a look at her shop and blog. Her photos are very clear, her posts are interesting and useful. Julia has also been very helpful with my questions regarding USA items to make some of Amy Butlers bags. So I shall be buying some of my bits from Gone to Earth in future. Anyway, first things first.. the tag details...

Rules (Guidelines!)
*Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog.
*Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog - some random, some weird.
*Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
*Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Good grief! 7 facts about myself, ok I can do that, whether they would be of any interest is another matter so I will try not to put you to sleep....

1). I am left handed but I knit (sort of), crochet, use scissors etc right handed. (Would that be a weird fact?)

2). My husband and I are both Capricorn and our birthdays are only 7 days apart.(Potentially disastrous?)

3). I do not like anything without legs, such as snakes, slow worms, slugs, eels etc!

4). My Dad is Scottish and we have a family tartan. (MacNicol clan, but it is difficult to find an example of the original colours etc)

5).I used to play the flute and clarinet and I would love to take up the flute again sometime.

6).I would love to be self-employed then any crap created would be mine and not as a result of someone else's poor organisation, management etc. (This is by no means a reflection of my day, honest)

7).I was once asked for ID in a Pub.......I was 23 at the time!
oh I have thought of another...

7a) I collect powder compacts, I have nearly 100.

There you go, are you snoring yet? I shall, of course, think of better things tomorrow but there you go.

Then I was lucky enough to win this from Primrose Corner...

It was beautifully wrapped and I have kept the ribbon, it is blue after all.

Just look at those lovely fabrics (drooling as I write). Now those of you who have followed me since I started just over a year ago will now that I like to just stare and unfold and re-fold fabric as lovely as this until an idea for it pops in my head. But are there any suggestions out there as to what I could make out this generous giveaway?

Julia really has put together a lovely combination. I love them all, yet they are all different too. Many thanks Julia, it is much appreciated. XX


I have also been given two more awards but I shall do those later in the week.

If you are a follower you are offered an award which is in the post dated 7th November, do please take it as I like to spread them around rather than pick the same people as everyone else. Also I thought that it would be a nice way to say thank you. Some bloggers have put it on their blog, I suppose it is up to you in the end.

My Pom Pom tutorial did not get much response, maybe it was too simple/ not very new, it is just that I was so pleased with my pompom maker you see. I do have another in the pipeline which I will post probably at the weekend.

I have finished my Christmas Decoration Swap, I need to wrap everything up and cram it all in a box (collected more than I realised) then send it off. I really enjoyed making these and this kick started me into starting some Christmas Cards.

I had better go and make a cup of tea and see what Harry Potter is going to do next in the book that I am reading.

Take care all xx.


SummerSadie said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll try to think of some fun facts over the next couple of days. I did really like your pom-pom tutorial. I thought it was explained wonderfully and the pics were great!

picciolo said...

there are lots of christmas colours in that fabric, maybe that will help you decide what to make?
: )

Gina said...

Thank you for the tag. This is the third time I've received it over the past couple of months... but so far I've not done anything about it so I promise to have a think and come up with seven facts this time!

Kitty said...

I'm left-handed and do 'stuff' right handed too. Capricorns get better with age - like a fine wine ;-)

I liked the pom pom tutorial - I've never seen one of those gadgets before. Sorry I've been missing from your comments box - been ill. x

April said...

Lucky you with all that gorgeous fabric! Loved the pom pom tut too just forgot to comment

April xx

jo said...

Thanks for the tag, I will try and do it this week but a little busy making Christmas cards at the moment.

wonderwoman said...

such lovely fabric, am sure you will come up with something gorgeous!

Nan said...

Oh, I am probably one of those pesky people who don't respond! Sorry! I did post my award on my side bar, but still just wasn't sure on how I was suppose to pass it along, I have been meaning to ask you and this reminded me! Is it to go to the followers of your blog?

I did not get my box mailed today as I thought I would, I am not very good at wrapping and all my stuff is still in storage, so it's brown paper packages.... [tied up with string?] no, taped, stapled and crudely decorated! I am not very crafty when it comes to such things! The hold up now is my card! Oh you poor girl, having me for a swap partner, I am not very paper crafty, unless it comes to folding it and making it into those woven purses!

My husband really likes the ornament I did finally get made and thinks I need to make them for all of the family, it took me 4 tries to come to the final product! [yes, I made different one since I told you I had finally decided on the one I was sending and it was done and liked it and I was going to make one for myself! LOL!!!]

I too have accumulated several things to send and have also got to get a slightly larger box now.. Sigh... I will update you as to the official date of when it is shipped! OK, this has gotten much too long for a comment, I should have sent an email!

JuliaB said...

Hello Andrea. What a lucky devil you are with that lovely parcel. I am seething with jealousy!! And thanks also for the award (as a follower). Very interesting facts! I am totally with you on no6! I hate (bad) bosses, they really shouldn't be allowed!! x

twiggypeasticks said...

I'm left handed and do some stuff right handed too. Twiglet looks like he's a lefty too - yay!! I parcelled (is that a word?) up my Xmas dec swap last night and will probably post it on Monday
Twiggy x

Country Bliss said...

I'm right handed but crochet left handed! I also play the clarinet but haven't picked it up for a few years now.
Lovely fabric.
I've just about finished my decoration swap so will be posting it soon.
Yvonne x

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