Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Forest Quiltie Swap / Creative swap challenge entry

I think that this is my 3rd swap with Creative Swap Challenges and I have enjoyed every single one of them. I like to stitch for a particular goal sometimes so swaps suit me very well. I signed up for this swap a while ago, yet it still sneaked up on me! Whilst I was visiting my parents I did find a few little bits to add to the surface, but my main aim is to try and use what I already have. It does add to the challenge. So the above picture shows the pile before making.

I first cut up some pre-patterned green fabric into 6 x 6inch squares. I decided to add some stitch and tear and a layer of thick interfacing to add fullness and quilting when I added the free machine stitching.

I collected a few leaves and dried them off. I looked for leaves which had quite prominent veins, then using a paintbrush I evenly covered the back of the leaves and used them to print onto the fabric. I used bronzes and golds to show up on the fabric and to add colour interest. I then used machine embroidery, metal leaves which I attached with a few stitches. I carefully hand stitched on some small paper flowers, which added some additional colour to each square.

I made 5 so that Lenna, who organises the swaps, has one too. Once they were finished the stitching on the back is covered with a piece of cream Cotton fabric. I then carefully wrote some info on the back. Then using my 'j' foot I stitched the backing on and sealed the edges with a built-in stitch which gives an overlocked type of stitch.

The darker strips were stitched down using green silk thread and free machine embroidery, which I love doing. Very therapeutic!.

The metal leaves seem to have come out looking rather silver in these pictures, but they are in fact a copper/brass colour and are normally used for card making.

I then carefully wrapped them and they are now off on their travels to America. I will get 4 quilties in return and I will post them once they arrive. Pop over the creative challenge and have a look at all of the work there. I challenge it not to make to drool and stare in wonder!

I am off to my sewing group after tea and I and continuing with my Christmas Decoration Swap for ......

the swap that I am organising.

Take care and have a warm and cosy evening.



wonderwoman said...

that looks gorgeous - you are a talented girl!!!


Chocolate Cat said...

You are so talented. I just love these, I am sure your swap partners will love them.
I am plugging away on my christmas decoration and have decided I may just make it!!

picciolo said...

hi, these look great! forgot to say yesterday I just have a little snappy olympus camera, and to see if you are in a treasury just look through the pages and there will be a star (yellow if you are featured, grey if you are an alternate) next to the treasury name if you are in it.
Love your quilties!
: )

MelMel said...

What a lovely silk picture!
Thank you for the super comment, have a wonderful weekend!xxx

Nan said...

THIS is why I am obsessing about what I am making for the Christmas swap. EVERY thing you make makes me drool, and is so creative.

People think "I" have talent, but I really don't, I have 'skill' to me the difference is to be able to create something like your quilties blocks on your own design, is talent. It's so beautiful. For me, the ability to just follow a pattern and create a finished object that looks nice is skill, which is what I have. I did try to make a couple of things for the swap on my own before I decided to use a pattern instead.

Anyway, GREAT job! Even though I am now even more paranoid then ever about the swap! LOL!!

Primrose Corner said...

Beautiful quilties. You're brilliant at these swaps. However, do you give them away? I suppose they (swaps) provide the impetus to create in the first place though - is that about right?

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