Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Do you Twitter?

I never heard of Twitter before Monday and as you know I like to try and learn new things and widen the use of my laptop. Also to try and gain some interest in my Etsy shop etc. (Which is difficult at the moment with the current economical climate) So I have joined Twitter and you can find me here:
I had to change the name a bit because apparently Indigo Blue has already been taken!! Tried Indigo Blue Designs too and that had already gone. Hope this is not going to be a problem, anyway. I still do not have a clue what to do next but within an hour I had already had a reply and gained a follower!

I am going to have to play about with it but has anyone else used or visited this site?
You can also visit here too!

Sewing etc has been on the back burner this week but there things in the pipeline and I am adding to my two shops. The website is up for renewal soon and I need to decide whether to keep it or ditch it. I do not like to walk away from something. It sounds like I may talk myself into an answer.
I am still stalling on starting my cardigan because just when I think that I have got my head around the pattern it seems or looks to be going wrong. Just a confidence thing I'm sure.

I have managed to start another tutorial tonight, I have about three on the go and I am not sure how I managed that! I just need to put the pictures in order and I am good to go.
Well, time for some beauty sleep.
P.S I do like the twitter logo, the colours go really well with my blog, typical girly comment I suppose, but it does doesn't it?


SummerSadie said...

I've heard of twitter, but had never been to the website or tried it. Hope it works well for you. And you're right about the econmoic climate. I still want that pincushion with the Kath kidston fabric, but it'll have to wait for sure until after christmas gifts have been bought. If it doesn't get snatched up before then. It might already be gone!

Kitty said...

I have heard of Twitter, but never been there - will check it out. What does it DO exactly? (This from a woman who, despite trying, cannot fathom the whole Facebook thing *blush* ) x

picciolo said...

sounds like a busy week for you, I am on twitter but haven't used it much yet
: )

JuliaB said...

Oooh lordy!! I looked at your twitter, then thought i'd better save my name ... and then all of a sudden I was a follower of yours!! I have absolutely no idea what it's for or how you work it though!!! xx

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