Monday, 24 November 2008


You can visit me here too. I am trying something new to try and promote my website and Etsy shop. Pop over and take a peek!
If you need and invite leave comment and I will sort it out. Many of you may find this of interest.
Added 26th November:
Next post will be my 200th! So I am having a giveaway which I need to photograph and I hope it will be of use to the winner. So I am holding off my next post until then.


JuliaB said...

Hi Andrea... it says you need an invite? x

Primrose Corner said...

Nothing is happening for me.... did I do something wrong... am I being ignored?....

Nihal said...

Hi Andrea,
As I dropped a comment last day, my package went off to my partner Debbie at
However I've not heard from her yet:(
I did emailed for 2-times to let her know it was on its way but no response.

Are you in contact with her? Is she OK? Or busy?
Could you please kindly ask Debbie how she doing?
Hope all is OK. I'm very curious..

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