Friday, 19 September 2008

The Giveaway Winner is......

I used a number generator to pick the winner of my giveaway. I wanted to put a print screen here but it did not like that and would not let me. Anyway, it produced number


as being the winner and I calculated that as being Purple and Paisley!!!

Yippeeee...congratulations and celebrations da da da da!!

Congratulations, could you please email me your full postal address and I will send your new bag and purse asap.

Well now that is all over and I am into the 2nd year of my blog I shall now get on with organising the Christmas Decoration swap. I shall get in contact with all of you who have expressed an interest and add you to the list. I have another reason for wanting to organise this, it is my birthday on the 23rd December and I want to have a blog celebration of that as well as a happy, family time. Sophie loves Christmas, mainly the lights etc. She thinks that it is a pretty time as well. Typical girl! She is only five but has a basic understanding of what the occasion truly means and this gets more detailed every year. Decorating the tree is a job that she loves and as she gets older it will become her job when putting the decorations up. So there are some of the reasons. I need to draft some rules/guidelines for this swap. As it is my first if anyone sees any snags then do email me and I will correct it.

On the sewing front I have finished a couple of WIP's that I have had waiting for a while. Firstly

I am still on my cupcake trail by making a book cover using this theme. I have added a strip of felt with a plastic popper to develop the design from previous book covers. This will go in my Etsy shop where I have a cupcake section. I have also completed another purse/make-up bag...

I never get bored of making these pouches. Again I have increased the size and will be listing this as a purse/makeup bag. The bigger size is attractive and very useful and washable which I think is needed in a makeup bag.

At my sewing club on Wednesday I made these little pincushions. I decided to skip the August Craft Fair but I think I will give the Christmas Craft Fair a go instead. It is in November so this time I am going to make items for £5.00 or under, although I will take some of my bags along just in case. These were fun to make and it was Sophie who sorted out the fabric and the colour combinations for me to stitch. I think that she did a very good job!!

I will make some Christmassy items of course so this year I should be more than in the Christmas spirit by the time I get there.

It is Friday again, hence my grinning caterpillar, and it has been a long week. I went to school for two lessons and then had to come home due to a really bad cold which took hold the night before which meant that I could not breath at all and got no sleep. I felt better today and managed to last the day at work.

I do not get colds very often but when I do they are good ones and trigger off asthma, so the tight chest and non-contact time meant it was more sensible to go home than stay and make it worse. I never had any problems like this until 4 years ago when I caught Bronchitis, had two lots of antibiotics to shift it and 3.5 weeks off work. As a result every time I get a cold it takes a hold, the inhaler has made it controllable, but still not a health development that I was expecting, so I try to be careful. I still felt guilty leaving work early but I was on my last legs, I have pulled out of the AGM meeting that I am supposed to be attending tomorrow as well. Never mind eh!!

Hope you are all fighting fit and if not then virtual hugs to you from us all.

Enjoy the weekend what ever you have planned!

Take care!



A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope you are feeling brighter soon - asthma is no fun! I love your little pincushions - Sophie has a great eye for colour. ENjoy your weekend!

Kitty said...

Congratulations to P&P on her win - such a lovely bag.

I cut out some square pincushions like that, just last night! I shall sew them this weekend. I think Sophie chose wonderful fabric combinations.

Hope you're feeling better - asthma is horrible. I've only ever had it for a short period (around 3 months) following a lung infection. It's not something I enjoyed - at all!

Take care. x

lesley said...

Hi There

You'v been a busy bee this week, very productive and not feeling well too. Love your little pincushion, Sophie made some good choices! Hope your feeling better soon.
Take care. x

Nan said...

Sophie really has an eye for color and fabrics already! Lovely choices she made.

I do hope you are feeling better soon, and that your crafty pursuits are not suffering.

I am very happy for Purple and Paisley for her win, but jealous too if I am being honest!

Purple and Paisley said...

hooray! thank you so much! i will email you my mailing address...=)

Linda said...

Congratulations T!!

INdigo, Great projects! They look adorable!

Alison Boon said...

Congrats to the winner. Enjoy your prize. Love the new creativity here.

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