Monday, 29 September 2008

Fabric, Dye, Bead and stitch 3.

I have another piece of work from my City and Guilds folder.
The drawing seems to have come out rather shiny and I think silly billy here did not take it out of the plastic wallet. Never mind, this piece was based on flowing water, I did seem to focus on watery themes quite a bit. i really like the colours that water creates. I also had to show how my design could be transferred to fabric with paint and threads. I colour washed the backing fabric which is only cheap curtain lining. Once it had dried I then used my stitch book to find stitches which would link well with the theme and I could use. I also used home dyed fabrics of different textures and thick threads and wools. These were then couched on to the top of the fabric, twisting and flowing them like water.
The piece is about A4 in size and at the moment it is stretched over a bit of card. At the moment I am finding my stitched work and re-framing them properly whereas before they were framed for posting rather than to show it off properly.
Below is a close up of the stitching.

This was one of the first samples that I did and there was certainly a colour theme which I re-visited during the course.

Details of swap partners on Wednesday. I still can not get through to Da Crafty Lady and time is pressing so I have a reserve who I have contacted and waiting for a reply. If I do hear from this blogger then I will simply swap with them but I want to get this swap officially started on 1st October.

Have a lovely evening,

PS. I have some info for the knitters out there so call back once I have clarified that info.

Best wishes



Primrose Corner said...

That is simply beautiful. You're reminding me of how much work i have to get done. Please drop by my blog there is something for you!

Have a happy evening. Jx

Kitty said...

I love that 3 dimensional work - it's wonderful. x

lesley said...

Hi There,
I love your skill in manipulating the fabric, it has definitely created that feeling of flowing water. Lovely! When did you do your City and Guilds or are you still doing it? Yes we both have a love for that indigo, turquoise colour scheme. Tee Hee.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a beautiful piece. Love the different textures you have incorporated into the design - just lovely.

Sandi said...

Oops, I left a comment on your Sept. 20 post regarding the Christmas swap and now that I check back for another look, I suspect I am too late to participate. Looks like fun and I do love making ornanments so if you need one more participant, I am happy to step in!! You have lots of neat stuff on your blog. I am going to have go back through your posts and have some fun reading. :-)

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