Saturday, 20 September 2008

Christmas Decoration Swap....

Okay, here goes..

I have checked back through all of my comments for September and my emails and so far I think that 19 people (including me) have signed up for the Christmas Decoration swap. If your name is not on the list below and I missed you out then leave a comment and I will add you to this post. I am thinking of 20 max to keep it manageable.

1). April -Cake makes the World a better place. Details recieved

2). Chocolate Cat Details recieved

3). Kitty - Kitty's bloggy Bits Details recieved

4). Country Bliss Details recieved

5). Nan - NannyBird Details recieved

6). Primrose Corner Details recieved

7). Jennie - Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Details recieved

8). Nihal - Crossroads Details recieved

9). Fairy Child Heirlooms =Details recieved

10). Twiggy - The World of Twiggypeasticks Details recieved

11). Lynn - Garden Lynn Details recieved

12). Indigo Blue =Details given

13). Julia B- Marmaladekiss Details recieved

14).Gina Details recieved

15). Gin - Keepsake Moments Details recieved

16). Susan Details recieved

17). Deb= Calcrochet Details recieved

18). Sandi = A legacy of stitches Details recieved

19).Monique Details recieved

20).Debbies English Treasures Details recieved

21).Summer Sadie Details recieved

22). Janice = Mom of 2 gr8 Kids Details recieved

From everyone I will need you to email me with the following:

*Your name

*Email address

*Full postal address

*Website/blog details

*Colour scheme guidelines.

When we set up home 13 years ago we decided to limit our collection to Red,Gold and Dark green in any combination. We have sort of stuck to that as time has gone on. If you have no preference then state that as well. It gives everyone an idea of what you might like.

The idea is that you design and make a christmas decoration suitable to go on a tree or hang from a door handle. Nothing too big or heavy. Any medium or technique can be used but do think about postage. A christmas card is then included (handmade or shop bought?) so that the swap/ gift is complete.

I did see an idea in Stitch magazine a couple of years ago which was organsied by The Embroiders Guild where they made stars using a set template which were sent in and then a swap was sent out. I also make basic decorations with my younger students at school and they really enjoy it.

If you wish to add anything else to your swap it is entirely up to you as it is the decoration that is the main element here, but it is fun, so I will leave it up to all of you.

Taking the UK half-term into account when families may be on holiday etc, I thought that your swap should reach your partner by the end of November at the very latest. It will miss the Christmas post chaos and if there are any problems I can step in. If anyone feels that they are not able to fulfill the swap please let me know by email asap and it will be sorted out. Please do not just leave it and let someone be disappointed, things crop up don't they?

I would like to make this an annual event each year swapping people around and hopefully have new people taking part.
There are no places left but I still need some details (by the end of September please). Meanwhile have a look at these ideas to get you thinking.

I have set up a Flickr Photo Pool for all of your lovely creations so that we can all see what you have made wherever you are. You can add other examples after that if you wish I will keep it open. It is inviatation only at the moment but after the swap I will open it up.

Wow! I think that is all at the moment I just need your details by the end of the month so that I can swap them around.
Many thanks for your kind words about my health, I am usually fighting fit but lately it has been the opposite. The cold has nearly gone but as I feared has gone down to my chest so I shall see how it goes.

Anyway, bye for now, back tomorrow.



Kitty said...

I always find that the good old fashioned remedy of inhaling steam helps when I get chesty after a cold. Have you tried that?

I've applied to join the Christmas Decoration flikr group. How about making a clickable button for this swap? Then we can 'advertise' it on our blogs, and find the extra 8 people for you?


Jennie said...

awww I hope you are feeling better soon!
weeee @ the decoration swap.. ooh am excited now!

JuliaB said...

Did i not sign up???? if it's not too late, I would like to join in too. x

Nihal said...

Hello again,
Many thanks for your kind visit to my site, and the comment. FYI I just mailed all the details you req'ed. Again many thanks for your kind attention for this swap and the opportunity to join in it.

Have a creative week ahead.

All of my best wishes


April said...

Oh fab - very organised of you BTW!!!

Emailing details now...

April xx

Gina said...

Could I sign up for your Christmas decoration swap if I'm not too late? I found you via Kitty!

Country Bliss said...

Sounds great to me, very exciting! Will email my details in a minute.

gin said...

I would love to sign up for the Christmas swap. Hope I'm not too late. I randomly found you, and I like everything so far.

DaCraftyLady said...

I'm in too... :)

Susan said...

If it's not to late, would love to join in on the swap.

gin said...

I have emailed you twice with my info, but seems your not getting it. so can I post it in the comments?

inkberryblue said...

Hi Andrea!

I'd love to be involved in your swap but yes, you guessed it, I'm heading into a really busy period at work and I'm not going to have the time to participate. It looks like lots of fun...I'm sure I'll enjoy watching from the sidelines.

By the way, I'm sorry that you've been unwell and I hope that you're feeling a lot better now.

gin said...

since I can't get email through, mine is
Hope this works

monique said...

I hope that I'm not too late to sign up for this great swap as it sounds great.Please count me in.

Alison Boon said...

Get well soon.

Sal said...

Hi there..I signed up for another swap on a different blog before I saw sorry I can't join in this time!
Hope you are feeling better soon.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Hello sweetie,

Thanks so much for your kind support when needed!
I will always treasure that!
By the way... Am I too late to join the FUN!
You really got me excited and the idea of receiving an extra christmas through the post... HOW WONDERFUL!
Before I go... I wish you a "speed" recovery!



gin said...

i still need to get my info to you.
my email

Primrose Corner said...

Love the ideas/inspiration pictures. You've really put some thought into how to organise this haven't you? I'm looking forward to it. Thank you.

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