Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Hubby was up bright and early yesterday for day two of Garden Fever. The phone rang, Sophie needed breakfast etc, so by the time I got outside much of it was done. I managed to take some photos f0r you to see what happened. It is probably the sunniest Bank Holiday in ages and ages and to day? Yep,it is raining again. A Friend came round with a special ratchet winch which helps to pull out the stumps by using one of the stumps to pull against.
So after a fortifying up of tea he set to work...

We were quite surprised at how well they came out. It was certainly a one person job so I sat on the patio and did some work, making cups of tea when needed.
Sophie thought it was great and was happy to 'help' which meant getting rather dirty, the bath water was very brown that evening.

This is the right hand side as you look at it from the house. The composter in the corner will have to be moved when we put the new fence up. You can see the amount of earth that had to be disturbed so half the grass has gone, but never mind.

This is looking at the left hand side with Sophie's play house. This end is a bit of a sun trap so we are thinking of putting her house at on the other side and then re-turfing around it. That is a little way off at the moment.

Hubby worked very hard yesterday and as we speak he is now loading the bits on our friend's trailer to take to the tip. I think that there are going to be several trips! I have popped into work quickly to get some paper work then we are off to look/ order fence panels.

Poor Tigger has looked pitifully out of the french windows at us because we are not allowed to let him out just yet. Sophie did forget to shut them and he was out like a rocket for an old boy and we just got him in time. He was not impressed. He is settling in well and spends more time with us during the day and has taken to sleeping on a wooden chest at the bottom of our bed or on the bottom corner of one bed by hubby's feet. I have also worked out his favourite food so he is eating better and is generally getting used to us.

I have made a little something last evening for fun...

I found this while I was on holiday and he is meant to be an egg cup. He made me smile and I thought he would look good as a pincushion. He is now in my web shop. He needs a happy new home.

I have also started a cupcake pincushion because I enjoyed making one for the swap. More on that another time.

Many thanks to those of you who have voted on the Poll at the top of the blog. Also I would like to thanks the new visitors I have had who have commented and I have visited back and added to my blog list. The stats on Craftyblogs are interesting as it tells me that people from the following countries have visited, South Africa, Pakistan, Canada, The Netherlands, Japan, Australia, Greece,Italy, France, Spain. It has been brilliant but who are you. Do not be shy say hello. There is a translator button if it helps.

Hubby has gone off to the tip so I had better get ready to look at fences and posts, I get taken to all the great places you now. He was chuffed that his hard work got him 6 comments too.

Take care



Purple and Paisley said...

your yard is looking nice and your pin cushion is adorable! =)

picciolo said...

wow great work in the garden! And that little pincushion is very sweet
: )

Carol VR said...

My goodness... I love that pincushion.

M.Kate said...

That pincushion..way too cute :D
what an achievement for the garden, have a great day!

Country Bliss said...

Wow, your garden appears to be twice the size after removing the trees! Your snail pincushion looks so sweet!

Nan said...

Removing the trees made an amazing transformation in your yard! So open and bright now.

Love the idea for the pin cushion, it turned out very cute!

Primrose Corner said...

What a lot of scope you've got in the garden now! Just the time to be planning spring bulbs (ish). Sophie could have daffodils around the playhouse. That pincushion is a little ray of sunhine - we're not getting any other kind are we? The rain will help the new turf when you get it. Is that an Andy Goldsworthy piece of art at the bottom of the post perchance?

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