Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Beaded Purse Feature...

I was surprised and chuffed to see that my beaded purse has been featured on U-handbag Sunday Eye Candy. Lisa has a general bag flickr group where you can post pictures of any bags or purses that you have made.

Mine is on the top row centre.

There are many to look at on the Flickr Group giving loads of inspiration and jaw dropping skills to savour.
Do click on the link and take a look.A quick post today as I am nursing a lovely headache but I have managed to complete a couple of things but another time to show you.

Bye for now.


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JuliaB said...

Congratulations! It's quite thrilling isn't it, when you click onto a blog and see your own work staring back at you!

In answer to your button query, I did it on a mac, but you can do it on photo editing too. I think it might be a good post so will blog some instructions for both Mac and Gimp which will be almost the same as photoshop.

Oh! and thanks for the link in your blogroll! I have added you to mine too.


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