Thursday, 28 August 2008

Award...Thank you!

I really need my wrist slapped for how long it has taken me to post this. I started to write it up then the trees etc took over so I deleted it and started again now.

IT was given to be by the lovely Louise at

The Home is where the Heart is...

Many thanks Louise as it is always fun and nice to receive these little pictures to put on your blog and the thought that some else likes what you do.

The rules are..

1. To cut and paste the award on to your blog.

2. To say who gave you the award and put a link to their blog.

3.Let the award giver now that you have posted the award.

4. Nominate 6/7 other blogs. Put links to their blogs.

5. Leave a comment to let them now that they have been nominated.
Now some of the above is a bit tricky as so many people have already got this award and last time I nominated 6 blogs and only three actually got back to me.

So I thought that this time because there are many who visit here if you would like this award on your blog them please accept it with my blessing just leave a short comment to say that you would like it. I thought it would be a chance to meet some new blogs that I have not yet found. How does that sound. If you are a regular visitor that I know and you have not received this one pleeeeease accept it. I am going for blow out and want to give it to loads of blogs. You can then pass it on again.

After Garden fever had calmed down on Monday I thought that we deserved a scrummy dessert for dinner..

So I made this up as I went along..

A cornet with a bit of double choc ice cream then filled with chopped strawberries and blueberries. Then a large spoonful of blueberries, strawberries and a few blackberries from the garden. Then a dollop of Cornish clotted cream.


We have ordered the new fence panels yesterday, so guess what I am doing at the weekend?

The poll is coming along well. Have you voted at the top of the blog?

Crafting pics tomorrow, baskets and pincushion(s).

Enjoy the day.

(No rain yet today)


LOUISE said...

You really did need a treat after all the hard work you put in to digging out those trees. I am so pleased you like the award, it all makes it worthwhile handing them out! x

M.Kate said...

congrats and happy weekend :D

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