Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Sun, Sea, Award, Tag and no internet access for my laptop....

Hubby and Sophie.

In the evenings we have been cycling along the prom and watching the sun setting, which has been glorious!

Well our holiday in Seaford is brilliant and just what all three of us needed. the sun has been out everyday so far and the temp has been between 27 and 34 degrees! A bit too hot on Tuesday but we managed (ha ha). I brought my little laptop but we can not get internet to link and I do not want any probs with it when I go home so I am borrowing my sister-in-law's. We have visited the sea, beach, National trust homes, local shops and today we had a picnic tea on the beach which Sophie loved.

I finished the book cover commission before I left so will come back to that when I get back. I have been spending time reading my latest book and not really doing much sewing at the moment. It is called 'The Friday Night Knitting Club' by Kate Jacobs. The covers on google are not the same as the one I have so I will post it another time, but it has been a good holiday read. There is even a website: just like the last book I read. (That link is in the margin.)
I have been trying some crochet which has actually been going quite well.

I have also been developing an idea to do with beading and braiding, and I have managed to source some beads while I have been here too. Got to start thinking about Christmas and there is a chance to do a Christmas Craft Fair too. Should I give it a go?
I have been given an Award by Jenni at Falling Down the Rabbit Hole .
I have also been tagged by Anglesey Allsorts.
At the moment I can not copy the Award image onto my hubby's memory stick so it will have to wait a little longer. I do have my list of 7 blogs though, and I will look into the tag as well. I will give it another go tomorrow. (Oh the strife of akward technology!!)

Hopefully off to Brighton tomorrow for a nice Italian lunch and some retail therapy.
Take care.


Carol VR said...

Pick me!!! Pick me!!! Sorry, I'm just a little over anxious to see who you picked....ROFL.

Primrose Corner said...

That looks like a beautiful place to be. Congratulations on the award. They make you feel loved don't they.

Jacquie said...

beautiful...what a wonderful place to just be.

M.Kate said...

WOW...i wish i could be there!!

LOUISE said...

Congratulations on your award. Very interesting to hear of your escapades in my neck of the woods, Seaford is not a million miles from here. It has been hot, and maybe too hot for too long on the beach, and for sightseeing. I hope you enjoyed your time in Brighton. x

SummerSadie said...

Such beautiful pictures.

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