Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Marking, painting, sewing and sleeping....

.....but not all at the same time! The marking is now offically FINISHED! Phew! I have made a big decision, after 10 years of marking I have decided to make it my last. Explaining to Sophie why I needed to finish it and not play was not a good feeling. When she was a baby it was easier but now she is getting older it is affecting her more so I have decided that enough is enough. Also the pace at work is getting to the point where I can not manage everything. There , it is on my blog so no going back.

My American creative challenge is progressing slowly and I am concerned that it will not get there in time for the 19th. Silly billy me went and left it at work so I could not work on it tonight but I know what I am doing so I will have to work like stink to get it done.

My cupcake swap entry is taking shape and I hope it is creative enough, I like it but there you go and I will post photos later once my swap partner has recieved it.
Getting back to the title we have finished painting the attic, stairs etc but of course it did not stop there OOOhh NOOOO, we ended up painting the lower landing plus stairs, the new doors and frames plus skirting boards. Just when you thought it was all over the carpet is laid so the sewing room was emptied them we thought ' it could do with a paint'. Great, that was then followed by a re-furbish and a trip to Ikea last Sunday. It has all been fitted and we are now just sorting all the contents out to go back in the sewing room. We needed to change it a bit as my hubby now works from home and we now share the sewing room. This is another reason why I have been absent more recently. Lots of DIY! Will post photos of the big paint marathon when the light is better as it has been a funny old day again today.
On the sewing front I made a another purse...
I really like making these and changing the overall outcome a little each time. I have decided to put this on my website and try and build it up a bit. Apart from that little else has been made for about a month. (Sob Sob).
Anyway I have plans...
a) Post my laptop bag tutorial.
b)Complete my first ever crochet bag (progressing well with this..so far)
c)I feel a Summmer Giveaway coming on the next week or two. I really enjoyed the last one and have kept in contact with several blogs as a result. Again there will be more than one winner makes it more interesting.
d)Tackle the many 'necoyufo's (Not Even Cut Out Yet UFO's) which I have stacked up.
e)Make my Marmalade to go with the Gooseberry and Elderflower jam that I made before everything went crazey.
d)Meet up with my friends for a good old gossip!
e)Catch up with my blog friends.
There that should keep me busy.
To be able to recover from marking, work etc I have been trying to increase my sleep each night, but the local bird population have other ideas and the little sods have had me awake at 4.30am for nearly three weeks. Outcome? = Failed on the sleeping front. Hayho!
Sorry about the lack of craft or pics but hopefully more next time.
Take care
P.S By the way , whose bright idea was it to take Desparate Housewives off air without any warning? Most narked I was as it is about the only show I really watch at the moment.


Purple and Paisley said...

did they take desperate housewives off the air forever????? oh, no...

sounds like you have gotten alot accomplished...and good for you for deciding no more marking papers...sophie is more important! =)

jo said...

Glad you've finished the marking and can now have a little me time. Tour life sounds so hectic at the moment. We too are painting but outside and this lovely English summer isn't helping!!

April said...

The lack of Desperate Housewvies is due to the writers strike earlier in the year which meant lots of series were cut short - but there will be a new series next year!

April xx

JuliaB said...

Congratulations on the end of the marking. You must be very releived!

picciolo said...

you have been busy, you'll have to show us some pictures when all your decorating is done. At least your marking is finished, you just need to sort out the birds now!!
: )

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