Thursday, 24 July 2008

Cupcake Swap delivered..

I have just heard that my swap partner has recieved her Cupcake Swap parcel. Judging from her email she seems very pleased with it which is a relief when making something for someone you do not know. I did visit her blog to see if I could get come ideas and it obviously worked.
So here it is, first of all a pincushion...
I found a pink rammikin in Asda and thought it was perfect. Then using white felt and stuffing, I made the main part of the cupcake and then the icing with pink felt. Beaded pins added decoration and some red mini pompoms for cherries.

A cupcake needlecase. Now here I had wanted to make a case in the shape of a cupcake but to be able to get enough needles in it would have gone out rather large so I scrapped that idea. Again made with felt with felt pages as it can put up with needles being taken in and out quite easily.

I also added some extras in the parcel. I found a dinky little cupcake phone charm which I thought was very cute and just right for this swap. I loved the theme and with more time I would have done even more things. I have decided to put a cupcake section on my Etsy shop so that I can continue with this theme further.
I would like to thank Rachael for a fun theme and for organising the whole event.
I have finished the fabric cover commission and been given an award which I will tell you about tomorrow.
Take care
PS A flickr Photo group has been set up for all the swaps to be featured. Take a look.


April said...

Oh, they are so gorgeous!!

April xx

GenerallyGemma said...

I was ecstatically happy with it! All of it was so beautiful.

Jennie said...

such cupcake loveliness there!! I am so jealous. I would have liked to have been paired with you as your parcel is so marvellous!!

inkberryblue said...

What an absolutely gorgeous array of goodies! I especially love the little felt needle book.
I'm sorry to read about how tired you've been and I hope you're feeling really refreshed from your holiday.
Happy weekend. =]

Indigo Blue said...

Glad you liked the swap Gemma! Thanks for letting me know it arrived ok.

Carolina said...

I found your blog very interesting, your works are so cute. I´ve invented a "CHALLENGE" and I want to invite you to participate. The challenge is to create a gift using your hands for any kid in the "Children's Day" that's on August 10th, and the rules are:
1.-To say to whom is going to be your present (example: for my son/ nephew/ neighbour, etc, Charles that´s 4 years old)
2.-To tell what the present it´s going to be (example: I´m going to make an afgan with the South Park characters)
3.-Upload a picture with the child and the present, the day he receives it.(you have till August 30th)

That´s all, you and your friends are very welcome .

The picture tha says "challenge" its the one with a kid and a bear if you one to added in case you accept.

Bye bye, from Chile

picciolo said...

wow what a great swap parcel!
: )


Hi You! Take a quick look on my blog I've tagged you.
x Vicky x

jellybelly*jellybrain said...

Hi - I have finally made time to visit everyone's blogs from the cupcake swap.
I love your dinky cupcakes you made - it's great to see just what everybody does with the same subject matter!
(I'm thinking of holding my own swap - camper vans!)
(PS - I'm having a fab blog giveaway and hope you can drop by and take a look)

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