Thursday, 10 July 2008

Bag eye candy...and a nasty rash

I have been a little slow on the blog uptake lately and missed this lovely surprise on U-handbag which is a blog that really got me started on this this in the first place. My purse featured under Friday eye candy. These are other bags featured, so pop over and take a closer look. Many thanks Lisa.

Sophie came home from school yesterday with a rash on the back of her right calf. Put some calamine lotion on it and thought it had been irritated by wearing wellies all day. This morning it had spread to both leags and both arms! Bright red and itchy. Why does this always happen when your hubby is working up country and you are meant to be organiseing sports day. Well Sophie comes first so I rang work and said that I was taking her to the Doctor, phone the TA to issue work over the phone, phoned hubby etc and then camped outside the Doctors for an on the spot appointment which we got for 9.1oam. I knew it was not chickenpox and then quizzed the poor girl on what she had eaten at school/ party last Saturday etc.

Anyway it seems that it may be an allergy but do not know what and may never know?! But due to the headaches she has been having for a week more likely to be a virus which has manifested itself as a nasty rash. Not German measles which was my first thought. So medicine and an unexpected day at home. So just the lining to finish putting in my crochet bag. I am going to cut it again as it is not sitting properly, Sophie also made a bag too today. Well I sewed it and she told me what to sew and where, well she is only 5 and her little plastic machine was playing up but I will post hers tomorrow as well.

So it has been a funny old day again today but at least it only rained for half a day and not ALL of it.
Back tomorrow with pictures.


April said...

Hope Sophie feels better soon

April xx

inkberryblue said...

I hope Sophie gets well soon, too.
What a lovely surprise to see your work featured on U-handbag! It looks gorgeous. =]
Deciding to leave work is a really big decision, isn't it? I can really understand why you've made it ~ teaching is incredibly time consuming and tiring. (I've just applied for six months off. I really, really hope they give it to me.)
I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

LOUISE said...

I hope Sophie is much better now. x

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