Thursday, 26 June 2008

Six Unimportant things about me....

Saw this on Louise's blog and thought I would give it a go.

1. I am left handed but I cannot use left handed scissors.

2. I can read practically anything but my Maths is dreadful.

3. I have recently discovered that if I get a cold it will turn into bronchitus over night and triggers asthma.

4. I met my husband through a friend at college on a random chance evening out.

5. I used to do Archery and take part in competitions around East Anglia.

6. During my final year at University I developed an allergy to calico and had the roughest hands ever until a couple of months after I left. (Studied on a Fashion Degree so this was a bit of a short term problem).

Apart from number 4 most of the other points never crop up in conversation as they happened in the past but it did make me think.
Have a go at this and see what you come up with.

I am entering another Creative Challenge in America which I will post about at the weekend. I have started it and must get a move on as the deadline is fast approaching. The link is in the sidebar as I have forgetton it. My brain has very nearly packed up but the papers are nearly done but been too tired to concentrate on them tonight. (Tut Tut!)

Hope the weather has been good where you are, it has been glorious here in Cornwall.
Take care.


Carol VR said...

What is calico???

JuicyFig said...

ditto with the left handed scissors! - but I do like to confuse people with my left handed clock! mwahahaha


Rosezilla said...

Hello, I saw you on Louise's blog and wanted to see what your 6 Things would be. Very cool, esp. the archery! I always loved archery, but I really stunk at it.

LOUISE said...

Thanks for taking part in the tag. I never know who to ask so I am glad you took me up on it. Great 6 unimportant things. We do have one thing in common here, I am good at English and a failure at Maths! x


Please dont tell me its'Glorious in Cornwall'!!- lie if you have to - we're still waiting for Mr Sunshine to reappear!
x Vicky x

Kitty said...

Another 'leftie' here - I've never used left handed scissors though! I find I do a lot of things 'right handed' because that's the way I had to learn! I even knit right handed. x

inkberryblue said...

I'm almost finished marking too ~ feels good, doesn't it!
By the way, my mother and my best friend, both keen sewers, love your embroidered book cover ~ especially your delicate stitch work.
Happy Sunday!

M.Kate said...

What an interesting reading. Both my husband and 2nd daughter are lefties and always have problems with the scissors, dont think we have a left-handed scissor sold here. Interesting reading :)

Jennie said...

I am exactly the same with colds turning into bronchitis and then triggering asthma... its a real pain isn't it :(

FazendoArte said...

is very nice you tell about yourself
i enjoy it
and i wish you success in contest

(about my post of May, many frogs in portuguese is "saparia")


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