Monday, 26 May 2008

My website demons have gone.. I hope!

I may have spent ages working on it but I think that I have worked out what I have been doing wrong for past few months. Doh! Anyway I have added a new section to my website and it is the above. Regular readers may remember a few months ago I made a travel sewing kit using one of these lovely silk covered glassess cases. I am doing more on those but at the moment I have listed tem as glasses cases, they could easily be made into kits by anyone who has the items to go in them. They caught alot of peoples eyes at the craft fair and I sold some. I have two myself and one ready for my Mum's birthday. Have a look. If there is interest then I intend getting some more.

I came home on Friday to find that 2 covered books had sold! Guess where they were, sitting on my kitchen table waiting to be listed! My Mum-in-Law had popped round and liked them.
Next I shall be listing the keyrings.

I seem to have a bit of a back log and I find the listing rather boring after a while which I suppose is really the only drawback to selling online. Never mind.

I am delighted that my favourite book cover is now on its way to Australia..

However I now have the fun of making another one. Each one is different though which is part of the fun.

Just need to put the binding on Sophie's quilt, I already have the next project cut out and started! Will post asap because I am really pleased with it and it is the first one tat I have actually planned with a specific idea in mind. Plus it is only the second one I have tackled.

See you soon

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LOUISE said...

At times I get so frustrated with old Mr Site. He is so temperamental and on many occasions just doesn't do as he is told. If he doesn't watch it I shall trade him in for a better model! Good luck with your sales. x

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