Friday, 7 March 2008

Comment link contest: Yes! there is a prize!

Over at Nannybird (USA) she is running a blogversary contest to celebrate her first full year with blogger. The idea is that you read about the contest on her blog and the rules then leave a comment on her post saying you came from me. You can then post about the contest if you want and someone will comment and say that they were sent/came from you and so on. It is amazing how quickly things spread.

Would you be surprised to now that I was given this by Nannybi I passed it on and now I see this award everywhere!

The deadline is midnight her time and the clock is in her blog side margin. Nannybird is about 6 hours behind us. You will also be able to view the prizes on that post, so if you are curious and look then comment while you are there. If you are not worried about taking part personally then please leave a comment anyway and say I sent you then it would help me win (please, please, begging, grovel.) because she has a killer crochet bag that would make my day if it landed on my door mat!! I can not really crochet hence the green monster envy!

Nothing else to report and no photos either, sorry . Judging by the weekend weather forcast I would have better luck if I hand drew them for you! However, the three of us are emptying the attic and garage tomorrow (yippeee) so I am really hoping that it does not rain as we load it to take to a self store unit!!

Have a good weekend and remember Nannybird, comment, indigo blue, please.


April said...

Hi, have tried to leave a comment on Nannybird for you, but got an error message so not sure if it worked!

Thanks for the lovely things you said about my blog! xx

Nan said...

I did get Aprils message, and that is how I was aware of the fact that you so kindly promoted my contest!! Thank you, thank you. I don't have an entry FROM you though, but I will put you in anyway, just because I saw this here and I know 2 people have come over to enter and mentioned you, that means you will have your name in the hat 3 times, so far, 3 more hours to go till the contest ends! Thanks again for the nice promotion and sweet things you said, I am hanging my head in embarrassment! Hugs!

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