Saturday, 15 March 2008

At long last!!!

Yippee, I have finally succeeded in adding some items to my website. Indigo Blue There is a page where the correct title will not appear but at least everything else looks ok. Phew, because yesterday I had to upload a newer version of my internet provider and everything went completely wrong! I could not switch it on, then when it did it froze, then starting beeping at me and so on. Thought that I have mucked it up completely so do have a quick look and any advice or suggestions for items that you would like to see or would be useful to you to buy, then please let me now as I would be interested in all ideas. Much more will be added but every time I put it "under construction" it goes odd so I am going to leave it.
This is an example of what I have put on :
My own pin badges.
Will be a section on purses of different sizes etc.

Plus a range of craft related pin badges.
I think these would look great on a handmade card, especially if they are made detactable, it could then be truely personal for that crafty friend. I only have about 20 in all just to see how things go them I will get some more.
Eventually I want to offer a making up service or a UFO service where I finish the item for you if you are unable to etc. This is most likely to be soft furnishings or bags, but we shall see.
There are other ideas rattling around in my head (good job something is) and hopefully now I can move forward a little with it. This has been one of my aims for years then I changed tack for a while and started a family instead, and I if may say so Sophie is still the best thing I have made to date! Sorry, was that a bit corny? True though.
Well my eyes have just about had it and my other half has fallen asleep on the sofa, bless, so I think it is off to bed.
I gave in to my 'only use my stash' promise for Sophie's quilt. I knew that I would need to get some fabric to make strips the separate the squares but Sophie spotted some lovely fabric (this girl has good taste) and wants to help a little with the making. She is going to come to my sewing group on Wednesday as there is no school the next day.

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"t" said...

oh, your craft related pin badges are adorable! i wanted to thank you for adding me to your favorite links! i am adding you to my links as well! thank you again...=)

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