Friday, 29 February 2008

Quilting- Log cabin and Cards..

Well, I am already spoken for so no proposals for me today but I did have a good day at work. on friday's my department make the effort to get together at break to have tea/coffee and cakes. We take it in turns to buy the cakes so it is always a surprise as to what there is? Some buy. some make. It is so that at least once a week we get a chance to catch up with one another. Sophie has gone out with Dad this evening to try out her new PINK radio controlled car, so a quiet evening in for me.
I have bought a toy sewing machine for Sophie to have a go on from Ebay.. Due to such an extensive needle guard, I have un-threaded it and now I can not thread it back up again. Boy am I in trouble when the little lady gets home!
Anyway, in the meantime a quickish post.

I am chuffed that my log cabin block for Sew Mama Sew is featured in the highlights again. It is in blues and I have already started a pink and flowery version for Sophie's summer quilt.

I have also been busy making cards this week. One for my friend Fiona whose birthday is on Sunday. I tried some new colour combinations and a "gate" style card opening.
She is not too well at the moment so hopefully her present will make her smile when she opens it.
I was also commissioned to make a few Mother's day cards by Dad's so that their children could give them to Mum, that was a fun task to do..
The card below was for a work colleague who has bought several of my cards over the months. I did not make many for work as I pushed the boat out for Valentines on request then only one was actually bought. I am going to do them to order only from now on and see what happens.
Tomorrow is a busy day with visits to banks/postoffice/supermarket etc then on Sunday it is out to lunch with my in-laws for Mother's Day. Sophie has brought a mysterious package home and I was not alowed to look in her book bag as she ran upstairs to hide my surprise for Sunday. At 5 years old this is really the first year that she has taken control of this annual event and I have to say that I am really looking forward to seeing what SHE wants to organise and give, does that sound really soppy?
I received in the post my next installment of knitting and at long last I have been given the layout plan for starting to sew them together! So hopefully I will have some done soon.
Have agood weekend!


inkberryblue said...

Your cards look really pretty, as do your little purses with the blanket stitched and buttoned flowers. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. I'm sure your surprise present will be delightful! (Here in the Land Down Under, we don't celebrate Mothers' Day until May.)

picciolo said...

hi, you have certainly been busy this week! Love the cards especially! Holly did the same with her book bag, how cute!
: )

Joanna Butchart said...

really really like the cards. I too got a surprise card that was hidden in the book bag!!!

Nan said...

The cards are lovely, Mother's day is in May here as well.

Love the log cabin block, and looking forward to seeing the summer quilt you plan to make for Sophie! I need to get quilting again.

As far as the contest, you have all week!!! I have a different sense of humor too, my jokes go over a lot of people heads! LOL, anyway, a week to write something or find something on someone else's blog if you don't have any funny ones on your own. Write one to me if you want to, you won't put me off that's for sure!

I realize it might take some thought or work to find something to submit, I was hoping the prize would motivate some searching or writing though!!

April said...

Hi - thanks for popping over to my blog, please visit regularly.

Caitie did the same trick with the school bag just before Mothers Day and was able to give Daddy VERY strict instructions about what she wanted the day to be like!!

I love your idea for the mini sewing kits - so simple yet effective.

I also love little Ele, she's adorable.

Am definitely adding you to my blog hopping!

Take care, April xx

inkberryblue said... again. =]
There's an award for you over at my blog. Happy Tuesday!

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