Thursday, 24 January 2008

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As promised I am posting a photo of the card that I made for my sister's birthday this week.
I am really pleased with this design as it is a new idea and I was able to use my new Mini Stitch machine which I got for Christmas. The ruler is 6 inches long.

It is very noisy, clanky and tiny but it does stop me from ruining my lovely big machine when sewing glitter card, velum, card and other card making bits. it can also be battery operated only which means I can use it anywhere.

I have just come home from a late session at work, so again photography has had to be left but I thought that you might like to see some other cards that I have made over the past few months and I will post Valentine cards at the weekend.
This card was sold on ebay a few weeks ago to a delighted customer.

Wedding card with bead and flower detail.
This card has been created from an embroidery that I made as part of an Embroiderers Guild Christmas project. Before I handed in the final piece of work I scanned it and saved it on disk. I can now print it out and use it for any Christmas item.
The embroidery, along with loads of others, were stitched together into a lovely wall hanging.

It is friday tomorrow ( hurray) and a square knitting sessions is on the cards also I think that I will try and finish my Valentine items. I have an Embroiderers' Guild Commitee meeting saturday morning and then, due to working extra hard this week, hopefully a family weekend after that.
Best wishes.

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