Friday, 21 December 2007

Holiday begins here....

I have tried to make as many cards this year as I normally do and have not really managed it. I have given out about 10 and then had to rely on shop bought. I think that starting in August next year might not be such a bad idea. I am starting to think about ideas for early next year as well.
Anyway, I am now offically On Holiday... yippee. I am really going to try and catch up on some sewing over the next two weeks, I have a couple of birthdays in the New Year so little coin purses might be on the cards. Today we are going to take Sophie somewhere a little Christmasy.
22nd December... Too tired to finish this last night, sorry.
At the moment hubby is out scouring the area for my birthday card, big day is tomorrow. Going out in the evening with a small group of friends to a restaurant while Sophie sleeps at Grandparents. I am not sure what to do during the day itself, maybe get wrapped up warm and go out for a walk with my camera and Sophie's bike.
We have just been outside to finish decorating the playhouse...

The fairy lights are switched on even though they are not very clear. Had great fun doing this and Sophie is very pleased with the chimney that Daddy made for Santa.

I really like making things with felt and it is a good material for children to use. I noticed in a much earlier post that I was going to feature some felt ideas then promptly forgot. These are some of the ideas I have been thinking about. I saw this teddy in Crafts Beautiful magazine some time ago. I enlarged the pattern, added some embroidery and put Sophie's name on it. I think that I shall be making some more of these.

I have also had a little go at making some felt decorations. They did not turn out too badly so I took the idea to work and some of the younger students had a go.

I really like the dove and I want to make these bigger and in a range of colours.
Below are just some of the decorations that the youngsters made

Good aren't they? Will definately do this again next year.
Have a good day and happy cooking, wrapping or shopping...

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