Monday, 24 December 2007

Birthday fun...

This is the pretty bit of my supermarket birthday cake. Did not really have time to make one and my icing would never be as good as this.
A group of us went out for a posh restaurant meal, booking anywhere at this time of year is amazing. We were the only ones , it is a lovely small restaurant with oak beams etc. It was really good fun. Lots of laughing, eating and wine.
This was an unusal and cute present from Kirsty (Quilt)

This is HAPPY and there are more friends like this at would make a very unusual gift. There is a slot in the base for a secret message to be placed for the receiver to read.

My hubby gave me this which I think that I will take with me when we go and visit friends in Norfolk for New Year. Somthing nice and relaxing and hopefully improve my knitting as well.

Sophie chose a lovely flower necklace for me which I have not had a chance to photograph but I will next time.
During the afternoon we went for a walk at a National Trust property and in the gift shop I found this...

I think this will make for an interesting read and it will be good to see what methods could be applied to today's life but for environment/recycling reasons.
Happy Christmas Eve..
Take Care

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