Thursday, 8 November 2007

Wow.. what a week...

Started the week by handing over Kirsty's quilt and surprise cushion in the privacy of her office as the middle of the staff room did not seem right. Kirsty seemed very pleased with it and I hope it will be nice to snuggle under during the long winter evenings watching a DVD. Enough room for two as well...
Then I found out I have gone up to the next pay level at work and that it is going to be back dated to September.
Yesterday I logged on to discover that my bag
is one of three winners for the October Amy Butler Pattern Challenge. (scroll down a bit to find bag post). Well I was like a cat that got the cream and was so chuffed that I nearly forgot to make a 50th card for a colleague at work so I end up staying up until gone midnight finishing it.
I am lucky enough to choose another pattern as my prize and choosing which one took AGES to make.

Today has gone well and tomorrow it is Sophie's 5th Birthday so a party is to be staged on at the weekend.
As for my tutorial well I went and left it at work yesterday so only had half of it here but I am going to post it this weekend.
I have also had fun developing these little prams which may progress into an order in the New Year. They will certainly be adapted to make a small range of cards and I like bits of each so a few more combinations have yet to be made.
I have an idea for the person who is the 100th hit on this blog, more on than later.
Enjoy the evening.


Supplier of Apples for jam! said...

Great blog and first blog I have ever seen/visited! Eventually got to see it - think it's fantastic and looks great. Taken me a while to find how to make a comment, but I've got here in the end!!!! Happy stitching and keep blogging.

picciolo said...

!!! Happy Birthday to Sophie, how funny that our two are only three days apart! I hope your party goes well on sunday, I'll think of you maybe going through the same thing when I have children running all over my house!
: )
and well done on winning a prize for your bag, I'm not surprised it is really lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love your work, you have spent a long time on your blog....
I hope to do the same soon.


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