Monday, 5 November 2007

Niffty Nails and Funky flowers

On Saturday I went off to the local beauty salon with my birthday voucher, from last December, and had booked a luxury pedicure. Thought that considering I spend nearly all my week on my feet that they deserved some TLC.

Chose a lovely pink nail varnish and enjoyed the peace and quiet for 90mins. My feet were buffed, scrubbed, clipped and moisturised to the point where I nearly slide out of my flip flops on the way home and needed to drive very carefully. Even now they are still lovely. If you ever get a chance for a pedicure say 'yes please'. It was a lovely and unusual present, it was just a pity that I needed to wear shoes to work today. Maybe tomorrow I shall bare my toes.

On Sunday Sophie got all creative again and got an idea from Doodledo on Cbeebies, to make some paper flowers.
You will need:
* A selection of bun cases.
* Some green garden sticks/ thin canes/ twigs..
* Sellotape.
* Pens & pencils.
* Maybe some glitzey bits such as shiney chocolate wrappers.
* A glue stick/ PVA.

To make:
1). Add colour to the inside of each bun case.
2). Add some glitz to the centre of each bun case, foil would work well, using the glue.
3) Glue each flower to the end of each stick. (We needed to use sellotape in the end).
4) Arrange in a vase or bottle.

On a previous post you saw Sophie printing with leaves using gold paint. Well these had now dried and she then stuck these to the 'stems' of the leaves. 'Waste not want not'
When put in a vase they really look good.

Sophie had great fun with this, she was able to do it by herself and got a huge sense of achievement. She is only 4.
Next we are going to paint the bun cases with the gold paint plus some more leaves and then hopefully come up with something for the coming festive season.

My tutorial has been started, but it seems that my daughter has beaten me to it. So I will have to catch up..
All the best.

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picciolo said...

Hi, I love the bun case flowers! and your gorgeous pink bag. It matches your toe nails!
: )

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