Thursday, 22 November 2007

Party Bags and Competition Bags

This is my new entry into the U-handbag November Challenge. I used some soft furnishing fabric that I have had for far too long and decorated it with a brooch that I was given for Christmas a few years ago. Taking part in this contest does seem to be shortening the months as they whip round quick enough. I found out on the U-Handbag blog today that the new handbag patterns from Amy Butler have arrived so hopefully the Sophia bag pattern that I requested as my prize for last month will be here very soon. Oh yes.. many happy sewing hours ahead.

This photo does not do the colour any justice at all. Will have to have another go before submitting it.

I had enough fabric left over to make a little zipped coin purse with a front pocket for cards. The clip on the end enables it to...

be clipped to a 'D' ring on the inside of the bag. I also divided the internal pockets for a mobile phone and pen. I used a magnetic clip for the first time too which was easier to use than they look.
This one below looks better but not sure about the clutter in the background, but us bloggers are only interested in the bag...right?

My charity knitting is coming along well and I have nearly finished my third square.
I have exam papers to mark this weekend and yet another 5 year old party to go to.
Talking of kiddies parties what about this ..

Environmentally friendly bags. Fabric is very similar to lightweight calico. Pick a theme and draw a simple picture of that theme on the front using a black fabric pen. Piece of card inbetween.

Then ask the party guests to colour the designs in using fabric pens. They colour their own party bag and have fun at the same time. This went down very well with the parents and the girls loved it. The above bag is Sophie's which she coloured at her 5th party. Older children could draw on their own design.
I am going to start stocking these bags as they can be decorated in many ways in advance of the party and can be used for storage in a bedroom. Yes, you could make your own but not everyone has the time or a sewing machine. These can also be recycled when no longer wanted.
Once I have sorted out my shop area on here I shall be selling them here but until then I shall be listing them on Ebay. My ID is Andream 7813.
Hopefully back tomorrow.
Have a good evening.

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picciolo said...

love the bags! both the party bag idea and your new bag. You have certainly been busy this week!
: )

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